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How do you keep a car running for long periods of time without having to keep pressing the ignition every five minutes?

Answer 1: For cars with keyless ignition, you can keep the car running for up to five minutes by pressing the ignition button. However, the vehicle will automatically shut off after five minutes. However, if you actually hold down the ignition button, you get 40 minutes of runtime before the vehicle shuts off. This gives […]

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How do you tint a Mooney M20R?

Answer 1: Check FAA rules before tinting, as you’ll need special film for plexiglass windows used on aircraft.    Answer 2: You’ll need to use a special kind of film called “plane tint,” which is basically just tinted Paint Protection Film.    Answer 3: Cut your film from the inside.    Answer 4: Make sure […]

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How do you tint a 2021 Tahoe?

Answer 1: Make sure to shrink the doors well.    Answer 2: Preshrink the doors.   Answer 3: You can take off the panels if you want for an easier installation process.    Answer 4: Be on the lookout for gaps and dirt.    Answer 5: Be aware that the glass on this vehicle is […]

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How much does it cost to start a window tinting business?

Answer 1: Some tinters can start tinting businesses with as little as $1,000.    Answer 2: It depends on whether you’re running the business out of your home. If so, you can simply purchase film and tools. If you’re planning on renting a separate space, you’ll need about $10,000 for rent, supplies, utilities, and deposits.  […]

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How do you tint the back window on the new Subaru Outback?

Answer 1: First, shrink the top. Then, pull the film up. Finally, shrink the bottom.    Answer 2: You may need to remove the spoilers. There should be six bolts that hold the spoilers in place, and it should only take a few minutes to remove this component. You can tint with the spoiler still […]

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How do you tint the back window of a 1984 Porsche 944?

Answer 1: You’ll need to remove the rear wing and the rear wiper. The rear wing can be a little tricky, as you’ll need to drill out a screw. Inform the customer before you do this, as they’ll need to retap the screw.    Answer 2: You’ll need some black vinyl to cover the ceramic […]

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Which is the better technique: bottom-loading or the two-stage method?

Answer 1: Two-stage is typically faster, but it can be difficult to master. Even those who think they are doing this correctly are actually making mistakes without realizing it.    Answer 2: Different techniques may be more effective for certain types of vehicles. This is why it’s important to become proficient in both methods.    […]

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What are some major issues with being a mobile tinter?

Answer 1: Working in dirty environments. Sometimes, you show up to somewhere like a welding shop where you can’t control the contamination in the air. Your best bet for situations like these is using a very clean water source with filtration.    Answer 2: Mobile tinters often have to work in very tight spaces. This […]

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Which is better, hand-cutting or using a plotter?

Answer 1: No single method is better than the other. In fact, most plotters agree that a mixture of both methods is necessary for a shop in today’s world. This is because there are many different types of vehicles, and your plotter might not have a pattern for a rare vehicle in its software library.  […]

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Can you tint soft tops?

Answer 1: If the soft top is plastic, you’ll need to use tail light film. This is really the only viable option, and many tinters believe that it’s not worth the effort. This is because tail light vinyl typically offers poor levels of clarity and is quite expensive. In addition, mistakes can be costly. Replacing […]

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How do you tint the back window on a newer Toyota hatchback?

Answer 1: Remove the panel on the hatch, and you’ll find that the entire process is much easier. The shrink should take only minutes.    Answer 2: Shrink in quarter sections and use the regular roll-down technique. Make sure you give yourself plenty of space for the film.    Answer 3: After removing the panel, […]

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How do you avoid getting burn marks when shrinking fingers?

Answer 1: Some films are more susceptible to burn marks than others. Try switching up your film.    Answer 2: If the fingers are especially big, try splitting them.    Answer 3: Try moving from left to right faster as you heat the fingers.   Answer 4: Try approaching the fingers from a number of […]

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How do you tint the back window on a 1956 Chevrolet Belair?

Answer 1: Cut your pattern about a quarter-inch short before shrinking. Next, deal with the smaller fingers from the inside of the vehicle. Answer 2: You might want to call a professional to remove the glass. This is really the only way to achieve perfect results, even though there is quite a lot of room […]

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Should you turn people away if they ask for illegal tint?

Answer 1: In certain states, customers can legally sue you for any traffic tickets they get if they are caught with illegal tint installed by you. That being said, filing a lawsuit is super time-consuming, and most customers don’t bother. Just know that rules and regulations differ from state to state, and you might want […]

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How do you tint a 2022 Porsche Macan?

Answer 1: Use a 50/50 approach for the front doors. Answer 2: If you’ve tinted previous iterations of the Macan, you should be all set. The only thing you need to know is that removing the horizontal trim piece is a little harder now, because the panel is much tighter. This is necessary to remove […]

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What causes small white pin-head spots on windows?

Answer 1: This may be caused by contaminated water. You might also have small dust particles floating around in your shop. You could also be using a towel that is leaving behind small particles on the window. Either way, it’s always a good idea to use clean water and keep your shop as clean as […]

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What is the best way to tint the back glass on a Dodge Charger?

Answer 1: Try to move with the grain of the window rather than against it.    Answer 2: Use a clay bar during your prep stage. When you’re done, turn on the vehicle’s defroster before beginning your installation. The installation process itself should be fairly standard, but you might want to press a little harder […]

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What are some good methods for removing adhesive?

Answer 1: Ammonia is an easy and straightforward way to remove adhesive.    Answer 2: You might also want to try using a pressure washer.    Answer 3: Isopropyl alcohol works well for removing adhesive. After applying the alcohol, let it sit for a brief moment before scraping the adhesive away. It should come off […]

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How do you learn how to tint windows faster?

Answer 1: Double cut if possible. Double shrink for even better results. Try to speed up your scrubbing stage, as this stage can be quite time-consuming. You can also maximize efficiency by cutting down on the amount of walking you do. Make sure you’re not going back and forth when walking around the vehicle. Get […]

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What causes discoloration on a 2021 Ford Expedition door handle?

Answer 1: It’s best to pull the sweep and pop those panels off before install. They can be ruined quite easily.    Answer 2: If water permeates the cardboard backing behind the leather, the panels are pretty much ruined. This is caused by water going through the holes in the stitching, which causes the backing […]

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How do you tint a 1989 F150?

Answer 1: Be aware that if you remove the back glass, you will need to deal with remaining hard plastic around the outside and top edges.    Answer 2: Whatever you do, don’t remove the glass. If you do, you’ll need to purchase a new chrome locking strip, and these components can be hard to […]

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What causes film to roll off glass?

Answer 1: This situation is becoming more and more common in the modern era with new window technology and tinting products. Basically, manufacturers are using less glue for films with higher VLT rates.    Answer 2: There may be too much silicone in the dot matrix. This can cause the film’s adhesive to fail.    […]

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If you’re using the “double-cutting” method, should you use the passenger or driver’s side windows?

Answer 1: It doesn’t really matter which side you use, so whichever is more convenient for you.    Answer 2: If you’re right-handed, it might be easier to do the driver’s side.    Answer 3: Basically, you should choose whichever side presents less of an issue while trying to work around the side mirror. 

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Will tint hide scratch marks?

Answer 1: Often, the client will insist on the window being replaced if there are scratch marks. It is often difficult to hide these scratch marks with a layer of film.    Answer 2: Tint can actually make scratch marks more visible under certain circumstances.    Answer 3: Sometimes, the film’s adhesive layer can fill […]

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What causes scratches on a Tesla Model Y sunroof?

Answer 1: These scratches can be caused by razors.    Answer 2: If you use the wrong kind of scrub pad, this can also cause scratch marks.    Answer 3: Scrubbing is usually an unnecessary prep task for newer cars like Teslas. A squeegee and water will usually be more than enough to clean the […]

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How do you remove the rear-view mirror from a 2015 Ford F-350?

Answer 1: It is actually very easy to break the windshield when you’re removing the mirror, so you need to be very careful. Your best bet is to use a screwdriver while being as gentle as possible.    Answer 2: There is actually a specialized tool that you can order that is specifically designed for […]

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How do you tint a 90s-era Buick Roadmaster?

Answer 1: This station wagon isn’t as difficult as it might look. Just shrink the entire thing, make sure to tape it, and keep your tinting as clean as possible.    Answer 2: You do not need to remove the rear vents. This area becomes easier if you can remove the pop to get underneath. […]

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How do you fold down the back seats on a new Toyota Camry?

Answer 1: You might have to pop the trunk and look for a handle. Pull the seat-unlock latch, and you’re good to go.    Answer 2: Not all of the seats actually fold down, which would explain why you can’t find handles or buttons anywhere.    Answer 3: Your best bet is to check the […]

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What are the most important tools when installing flat glass?

Answer 1: Bring a 6” scraper, ideally equipped with stainless steel blades. A holster is usually handy to keep things organized. You’ll also want to bring a 12” window squeegee.    Answer 2: A 8” Yellow Flat-Out squeegee is a must-have for flat glass. That being said, a lot of people prefer the 8” blue […]

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What are the windshield tint laws in Massachusetts?

Answer 1: You are allowed a certain amount of tint if you get a doctor’s note saying that you have sensitive eyes.    Answer 2: 80% tint will not pass inspection in Massachusetts.    Answer 3: A full windshield tint is not allowed in Massachusetts. The top strip is legal, however, as long as you […]

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How do you tint a 2022 BMW M340i?

Answer 1: Remember to use a soak shield or soak rope. Cover the dashboard to make sure you’re giving all the electrical components adequate protection.    Answer 2: Try not to swipe too deep on the bottom, as the foam seal is a little higher than normal compared to previous models of the M340. 

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What temperature should you set your heatgun at while tinting?

Answer 1: Set it at maximum heat. The setting doesn’t matter so much, because you can control the effect by holding the heatgun away from the film at a suitable difference. Just don’t hold it too close and keep moving it around.    Answer 2: 950 degrees. At this temperature, it’s possible to shrink a […]

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How do you deal with window wipers when tinting?

Answer 1: Usually, you power up the vehicle, put in the keys, and activate the wipers. Then, stop the power precisely when the wipers are pointing straight up (towards the roof). This should allow you to flip the wipers up, giving you full access to the windshield.    Answer 2: Just remove the wipers. It […]

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Can sunroof glass explode if you tint it?

Answer 1: Many people have tinted many sunroofs with no issues reported.   Answer 2: Interestingly enough, sunroofs can explode whether they have been tinted or not. Therefore, if a sunroof explodes it may not be due to the window film, but rather the inherent qualities of the sunroof glass.    Answer 3: Some tinters […]

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Do Freezing Temperatures Affect the Tinting Process?

Answer 1: Use warm water instead of hot water, as this will stop your hands from freezing.    Answer 2: If you live in a state with a very cold climate during the winter, the residual application solution can actually freeze overnight. This is usually an issue if temperatures dip below 25 degrees during the […]

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Can You Get Pulled Over for Tinting Your Window in Illinois?

Answer 1: You can get pulled over for having 20% tint on your windshield in Illinois. However, this is pretty rare, and some people drive their entire lives with 35% tint without ever getting pulled over.   Answer 2: If you have 5% around your entire vehicle, you’ll likely never get pulled over in Illinois.  […]

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Can I Put Auto Film on Houses?

Answer 1: You can, but it will not provide you with very good results. Use flat glass film for best results. If you’re going to use auto film, stay away from film that has any kind of performance component. Stick with dyed film, since this has the lowest absorption.    Answer 2: You should avoid […]

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How do you tint the back door windows on a 2022 Range Rover?

Answer 1: Remove the bottom load gaskets, as this will make the job much easier.    Answer 2: Take out the bottom seal before you tint, and you’ll find that life is much easier.    Answer 3: New Range Rovers have windows that feature a hydrophobic coating. This repels water. Basically, you’ll need to use […]

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How to tint a 1987 Toyota 4-Runner?

Answer 1: Remove the hardware first.    Answer 2: You need to really go the extra mile with your cleaning stage before you tint and lay your film down. Try to make your cuts as clean as possible, because it is easy to waste film with this particular car.    Answer 3: Many tinters turn […]

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What do you put underneath the film to make it move smoothly?

Answer 1: Baby powder   Answer 2: Dryer sheet   Answer 3: Liquid fabric softener   Answer 4: When you see videos with film moving very smoothly during the application process, the tinter is usually using very high-quality film. High-quality film moves much more smoothly. You should also look for film that shrinks well.    […]

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How do you tint a BMW M6 convertible rear window?

Answer 1: Use a sharpie for the bottom. Cut an oversized pattern on a peel board. Dropping the roof may make it easier to tint the rear window. Line up your bottom edge with the dot matrix. Pull the sweeps and use an Allen key to manually get that rear window as high as possible.  […]

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What’s the best way to tint a 2013 Dodge Dart windshield?

  Answer: All Dodge windshields tend to cause tinters trouble. Your best bet is to remove all the pillars. Then, fill the pillar holes with rags or towels. Definitely use a soak rope or a dash towel when tinting the windshields. Your main concern is getting the electronics wet. Dodges seem to suffer from this […]

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How do you tint the back glass on a 2008 VW GTI?

Answer 1: Pull the trim on the back glass for a much easier install.    Answer 2: Use the soap shrink method with a low anchor. Start just a few inches above the wiper, and make sure that your anchor sits above the heavily curved bottom corners. Don’t worry about using any side anchors, just […]

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How do you remove the headrest on a 2021 Ford Ranger?

Answer 1: Instead of removing the headrest, simply flip the seat bottom-up. This will provide you with enough room to tint inside of the cab.    Answer 2: On the left side of the headrest, you should be able to find a small locking button. You’ll need to access this button with a small flat […]

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My plotter isn’t cutting correctly. How do I calibrate it so that it cuts correctly? It is either cutting too deep or not deep enough.

Answer 1: Try a 25 or 30-degree blade.    Answer 2: You need different blades for different films. Use a 45-degree blade for ceramic and a 30-degree film for standard films. You can actually save your calibrations for each film type, allowing you to easily switch the blade settings based on whichever type of film […]

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Is bottom-leading the best tinting technique?

Answer 1: Bottom-loading is the most efficient tinting technique as it will allow you to tint more cars during each working day.    Answer 2: Bottom loading creates a much cleaner finished product because it elevates the side creases.   Answer 3: Bottom loading is almost always the best option, except for vehicles that have […]

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How do you avoid scratches on Tesla windshields?

Answer 1: Newer glass is much easier to scratch. While you might have been able to get away with cutting on the glass in the past, this is no longer viable. Use a sharpie to create the pattern before transferring to a peel board. Cut the pattern there.   Answer 2: Use glass aid.   […]

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How do you tint the split window on a Chevy ‘63?

Answer 1: You should try pulling the windows, as this is much easier.    Answer 2: If you try tinting these windows without pulling them, your main challenge will be getting inside the car. The space is quite tight.   Answer 3: Be wary of the outer edge and the inner edge on the gasket. […]

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What should you do during “slow season” as a window tinter?

Answer 1: Focus on SEO and website tasks. Make sure you get plenty of good reviews on Google. Maybe look into online advertising options.    Answer 2: Take the opportunity to spend time with family, go on vacation, and enjoy some time off.    Answer 3: Switch to other services. Some ideas include detailing, chip […]

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How long does it take for window tint to fully cure?

Answer 1: About 24 hours on a normal sunny day.    Answer 2: To be on the safe side, you should give your customers an estimate of 48 hours. You might also want to instruct them not to roll down the windows for 48 hours.    Answer 3: The curing time depends heavily on your […]

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When creating a two-way mirror with 5% film, should I place the film inside the office or outside the office?

Answer 1: Always put the reflective edge on the side of the window that faces outside. In other words, the reflective edge should be facing away from whatever you’re trying to keep private.    Answer 2: This really depends on the light. In order for this two-way mirror system to work, there needs to be […]

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What is the best way to deal with wind as a mobile tinter?

Answer 1: Get a pop-up tent. However, it’s very important that you properly secure your tent. Otherwise, the tent may come loose and strike the side of your client’s car.    Answer 2: Read the weather forecast and schedule your appointments around that.    Answer 3: Work inside your client’s garage. 

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How do you tint those windows that are comprised of many many small, tile-like glass pieces? A “glass tile wall,” essentially.

Answer 1: Don’t bother. Many tinters have tried these types of windows only to promise themselves that they’d never do it ever again. It is considered a waste of time. If you are going to attempt this, make sure that you take into account all the time it will take, and charge accordingly.    Answer […]

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Can you use automotive film on flat glass?

Answer 1: Never use automotive film on flat glass.    Answer 2: The glass can blow out if you use the wrong kind of film on flat glass.    Answer 3: Breakage isn’t the only reason you shouldn’t use automotive film on flat glass, and there are many other issues that can arise from this. […]

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What’s the best way to clean a window before tinting?

Answer 1: Tape your seals completely before cleaning. This helps you avoid contamination.    Answer 2: For the back window, you might want to avoid using a blade. Instead, use scrub pads and squeegee spray.    Answer 3: The first step is always to make sure that you’re working in an area without dust. If […]

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How do you deal with contamination?

Answer 1: In many cases, the source of contamination is actually your floor. Sweep the area and hose it down if necessary. You may also need to do this to your peel board. Basically, you need to wet down anything within five feet of the film, including the car door frame.    Answer 2: Isolate […]

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How do you tint a 1977 Datsun?

Answer: Watch out for the quarter windows, as they have a chrome trim that can be problematic. The windows also have a small amount of bow. Watch out for the front doors as well, since there is very little space by the mirror after you roll the window down even a little. Unlike many other […]

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How do you get rid of static when using carbon films?

Answer 1: Lightly mist a dryer sheet and use this to wipe the entire window before install. Remember to let it dry before laying down your film. Combined with the dry shrink technique, this should help you avoid issues with static.    Answer 2: Dust some talcum powder over the dry screen and then create […]

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How do you stop bubbles from forming on tinted rear lights?

Answer 1: Try not to force or stretch the tint film too much. Start applying film in the recesses first. That way, you won’t have to stretch the film as much when you move to the flatter areas.    Answer 2: You may want to use two separate pieces when wrapping rear lights, especially if […]

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How should you go about tinting a tractor?

Answer 1: Charge considerably more for these vehicles than you would a normal car. They are incredibly time-consuming and frustrating to tint.    Answer 2: Remove all of the glass before installation. It is well worth the extra time and effort and will actually save you time in the long run. You will also likely […]

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How do you tint a BMW x6?

 Answer: The back screen is a long way from the ground, which means you may have trouble reaching the back screen. Take care when you take off the cover, as the rear stop light can be clipped and broken. Slide-out the pegs to unlock the light case.   

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What should you do if the lamination is failing on windows?

  Answer 1: Replace the glass. Lamination failure between the panes cannot be addressed any other way.    Answer 2: The lamination may be failing slowly. If this is the case, it may be safe to tint the surface, but understand that the lamination will eventually fail completely and the window will need to be […]

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What should you use to protect doors from getting wet?

Answer 1: Get some indoor faux leather upholstery and cut it down to the right size for average car doors. Then use this to cover the door prior to install.    Answer 2: Carpet Shield works quite well.    Answer 3: Use the liner from your window film, especially from big pieces of film. Then […]

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How should you go about tinting a tractor?

Answer 1: Charge considerably more for these vehicles than you would a normal car. They are incredibly time-consuming and frustrating to tint.    Answer 2: Remove all of the glass before installation. It is well worth the extra time and effort and will actually save you time in the long run. You will also likely […]

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What should you do if the lamination is failing on windows?

Answer 1: Replace the glass. Lamination failure between the panes cannot be addressed any other way. Answer 2: The lamination may be failing slowly. If this is the case, it may be safe to tint the surface, but understand that the lamination will eventually fail completely and the window will need to be replaced. Answer […]

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What should you use to protect doors from getting wet?

Answer 1: Get some indoor faux leather upholstery and cut it down to the right size for average car doors. Then use this to cover the door prior to install.    Answer 2: Carpet Shield works quite well.    Answer 3: Use the liner from your window film, especially from big pieces of film. Then […]

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What’s the best way to safely and effectively tint residential or commercial windows that are extremely high off the ground?

Answer 1: Scaffolding is the safest option. It is also relatively cheap.   Answer 2: Another option is to use a Skyscraper ladder. However, many tinters believe that there are safety concerns associated with using a ladder.    Answer 3: If you have the funds, then a scissor lift might be the best option. This […]

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How do you tint a 1966 Mustang Fastback?

Answer 1: You may want to pull the back glass. This will help you avoid contamination or gaps. You may also need two to three people to help you with this window. Two people can stretch the film, while a third individual can focus on shrinking.    Answer 2: Trim the inside of the gasket […]

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How do I get rid of tiny bubbles around the frost lines?

Answer 1: You can avoid this by simply using tack cloth as your final step when you prep the window.    Answer 2: This may be happening because you’re letting the film touch the head liner during installation. You can avoid this by taping the head liner with painter’s tape.    Answer 3: This can […]

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What’s the best way to shrink curved back glass on a Corvette?

Answer 1: The best method is to use a heat gun.   Answer 2: Approach this job slowly and carefully. You may also want to make relief cuts as you go.    Answer 3: When you get close to the edges, you may want to shrink slightly sideways.    Answer 4: Lay the film all […]

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How do you tint a rear window on a 2015 Honda Accord?

Answer 1: These windows should be easy if you use a general H-pattern technique combined with a heat-push approach.    Answer 2: The rear window is actually easier than the doors, which can be challenging to shrink even with a bottom-loading technique. This is largely due to the extensive curvature of the roll downs.   

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How should you approach the window keypad on a 2021 Tacoma?

Answer: This is actually a working product that provides the user with entry if they ever get locked out. Because of this, you need to be very careful when tinting around the keypad. The best option is to simply cut around it, as you should not attempt to remove it as you would a sticker. […]

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How do you tint side windows on a Bobcat with a roll cage?

Answer 1: The easiest way is to remove the windows before tinting. Use a standard socket to remove the windows (not a metric socket). There should be bolts all around the window that need to be removed before you can take out the window. Some prying might also be required to remove the windows even […]

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How do you tint the back window of a 1992 GT-S Skyline?

Answer 1: Regularly check the glass while you tint to make sure it’s not getting too hot. Use the split fingers techniques, leave the film long, and pull carefully and slowly.    Answer 2: Use an “H-pattern” technique. Make sure that you’re regularly distributing the heat from side to side with your heat gun. 

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How do you avoid streaks under the film?

Answer 1: Streaks under the film are often caused by not using enough slip.    Answer 2: The soap may be drying before you put the film on. While this usually goes away as soon as you squeegee the film, you can try adding more soap/water solution when applying the film.    Answer 3: These […]

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Do I Need a Backup Plotter?

Yes, it’s probably a good idea to have a backup plotter available if your operation is highly dependent on plotters. Even the most dependable plotters can experience issues, and a backup ensures that you can still continue serving customers while you get your main plotter repaired. 

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How to tint a 2021 Nissan Rogue

Method 1: The main difficulty with these cars is the tightness of the seals. If you plan on hand cutting to the gasket, you will have just enough film to slip underneath by about a millimeter. Under the gasket is a layer of black vinyl that may have to be removed if the film isn’t […]

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How to tint a 1997 Ford Thunderbird

Method 1: Do very little shrinking on the bottom of the back glass. When installing, anchor the bottom portion of the back glass on the center of the film, and reverse squeegee from the corners inward to the center. It can be helpful if someone holds a heat gun over top to keep it down. […]

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How to tint the front doors on a 2019 Chevy Colorado

Method 1: Hand-cutting these models can be a little challenging but makes installation easier. If using a plotter, be generous with your slip solution, and remove the panels completely. To remove the panels, find the 7mm bolt behind the handle and unscrew it. Push on them from the top the same way you would do […]

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How to fix a lit up airbag light on a 2018 Porsche Cayman S

Method 1: If the airbag light came on after tinting, then it’s likely because it became wet from the slip solution during the process. The other likely reason is that you were sitting on the front edge of the seat, and the pressure tripped the sensor, igniting the airbag light, but not actually deploying the […]

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How to tint a 2020 Porsche Turbo

Method 1: Use a scrub pad to clean off all the windows. Oftentimes, plotters won’t have cutouts for the rear wiper so be prepared to trim that out if need be. Never take a blade directly to the glass of the rear window. There is a coating on it that will scratch if it comes […]

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How to tint a 2021 Porsche Taycan

Method 1: The back and rear quarter windows are easy enough for any sophomore tinter to handle. The sides are a type of suede and need to be taped off. If a customer wants the tint to be wrapped around the brake light, consider removing the brake light to make it easier to install. It […]

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How to get a clean cut with crystalline tint using a plotter

Method 1: First of all, consider whether or not you really need to use crystalline. It is inherently more difficult to get a clean cut with this tint because of its material composition. Method 2: Make sure the plotter’s blade is still up to par. If white residue gathers up on the blade when it […]

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How to choose the right sized plotter

Method 1: If you are only doing cars, you can almost definitely get away with exclusively using a 40-inch plotter every day. For a little bit extra, a 42 inch can also suffice if you anticipate needing it. There are only occasional times that a 60-inch plotter is necessary. For example, the sunroof on some […]

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How to remove factory adhesive on a Lexus NX 300

Method 1: You can try a good adhesive remover like ATR to remove adhesive from these models, but some tinters swear that a simple steamer is just as effective. To use a steamer, direct the steamer at the glass and get a feel for how much heat and moisture it needs before the adhesive comes […]

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How to remove the door panel on a 2018 Volvo V-90

Method 1: Remove the window switch with a pick or pry tool, then remove the T-20 screw from behind the switch. Next, remove the T-20 screw from under the armrest. Pry the trim piece from the center to the front (not from the rear, as this can break it). After the trim is popped from […]

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Why do my Mazda 3s keep getting bubbles in the rear window?

Method 1: These models are known for strange flaws happening on the rear window, regardless of the level of experience of the tinter. These anomalies only seem to happen on the Mazda 3, but not the other Mazdas. One theory posits that there is a design flaw that allows moisture to build up inside the […]

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How to remove the sweeps on a 2019 Mazda 6

Method 1: Pop the clip just behind the speaker – either with your hands or a small pry bar. Then pry back on the top outer edge with your hand and pull out the sweep. Method 2: Stick a bone tool inside and push them out, or unscrew the door handle and pop them out. […]

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How to tint the windshield of a 2016 Range Rover

Method 1: Because of the tight sides, a bulldozer often won’t fit inside. If you do manage to get a bulldozer inside, be careful not to rip the film out when you remove the bulldozer. Use less water and slip solution. Consider asking for help from a second person to install it so it’s easier […]

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How to fix the disabled lane-assist on a 2015 Audi S3

Method 1: If this happened after tinting, the likely culprit is an evaporated drop of tint solution blocking the sensor. To fix this, carefully remove the camera and the pyramid before cleaning off the residue. The camera should recalibrate itself after you drive it around for a few minutes. To avoid this in the future, […]

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How to tint a 1969 Ford F-100 windshield

Method 1: Just like with a lot of older trucks, you’ll want to rough cut the bottom and slide the film down so it’s overlapping the bottom by an inch or so. Then you can rough cut the top as well, overlap it by an inch or so again, then shrink it. Repeat the process […]

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How to tint a 1995 Ford Mustang

Method 1: Wet sand the matrix with 1600 grit sandpaper and make sure to really clean thoroughly with the solution of your choice. The invisible stick glue method tends to work very well on these models if you’re comfortable with that technique. The key is to remove the clearcoat from the dot matrix in order […]

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How to prep the defrosters on a 2021 Dodge Challenger

Method 1: If you’ve done all the prep work in the world and you’re still getting peanuts and bubbles along the defroster lines on this model, you could consider using a different type of film. Some films react better with some defrosters than others. The most common prep work strategy is to use a clay […]

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Why are defrosters peeling off my 2020 Ford Explorer?

Method 1: These defrosters are notorious for peeling off for no apparent reason. In the last few years, Ford’s glass manufacturers have switched up the manufacturing process. This has led to many models with faulty defroster lines. It could also be a mistake at the end of the manufacturing process where they forget to peel […]

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How to tint around the sensors of a 2021 Toyota Highlander

Method 1: Try tinting the entire thing into three pieces: One for the middle, and one for each side. Prepare the dot matrix by sanding it down with 400 grit sandpaper. This will allow the matrix to stick to the film properly. Then clean off the debris thoroughly. Install each piece of film starting from […]

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How to tint a 2021 Kia K5

  Method 1: A tinter may charge the same amount as a Volkswagen or an Audi on these cars based on the tightness of the doors. The side gaskets are really deep, and the glass contains a strong emulsion which makes it very sticky. There are no screws needed to pull the sweeps, as you […]

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How to avoid specks on tint jobs.

Method 1: There is an endless amount of little things you can do to avoid particles landing on the glass before the film goes over the top. Mobile peel boards help minimize specks because you always have a clean, flat, easy surface to peel from. This minimizes the chance of the film coming into contact […]

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What causes scum/soap coagulation?

Method 1: Sometimes dried soap suds will build up over time. Your filters need to be cleaned and rinsed with hot water as often as you can to prevent the build-up of gunk. Some soaps are more prone to this happening than others, and there is some debate about which ones are best. Many tinters […]

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How to tint the taillights on a 2017 Ford Focus Hatchback

Method 1: Using the “pre-stretch” technique, stretch out your film beforehand, and then use memory form to shrink it back to fit the light. This technique helps to minimize bubbles or peanuts. You can also lay the bottom half first and make sure to leave no fingers whatsoever. Finally, you can gently pull upwards while […]

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Why are there bubbles in the dot matrix of my 2007 BMW 328?

Method 1: If you’ve tinted the back glass of a 2007 BMW 328 and there are bubbles or streaks in the dot matrix, it’s because the matrix wasn’t prepared enough before installation. This means that it won’t completely adhere to the film. Some dot matrixes can be roughened up with a razor blade, but use […]

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How to remove the rearview mirrors on a 2021 Ford F-150

Method 1: Notoriously “sketchy,” Ford rearview mirrors have a certain system for removal. Before you do it, consider whether or not it’s worth breaking the glass in order to put a piece of tint on it. It’s okay to either turn the vehicle away or ask the customer to take it to a glass shop […]

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How to prevent glue breakage on backglass tint jobs

Method 1: Some film utilizes CDA technology where the adhesive is activated when physical pressure is being exerted. This means that any streaks from glue breakage might mean that you’re pressing too hard with your fingertips when shrinking or installing. If you have already significantly increased the amount of slip solution you use then this […]

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How to tint past the weatherstrip on a 2021 Ford 150

Method 1: These weatherstrips are incredibly tight, so if you have trouble, you can remove the entire panel instead. Remove the five screws and pop the panel off. Then remove the sweep. This will give you access to where you need the tint film needs to go. After the sweeps are pulled, apply the film, […]

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Why is my door panel fabric stained after tinting?

Method 1: Certain types of dish soap or baby shampoo can eat away at the dye of leather or fake leather on door panels.  Additionally, oven cleaner can also leave marks and destroy door panels. Generally speaking, abrasive substances like dish soap or oven cleaners should be avoided, and panels should all be covered or […]

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Tinting around the sensor in the Mercedes s550 windshield

Method 1: This is still a matter of debate. Some say that you should never try to mess with any sensors on a car, while others figure that if a sensor can work with rain, dirt, fog, and other issues, it’s not going to have any problems. When in doubt, either cut around the sensor […]

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How to tint side doors on a 2021 Mercedes AMG GT43

Method 1: Unfortunately the sweeps on this model will scratch the tint when you roll the windows up and down. If you want to avoid having to replace all four doors, explain the situation to the client and offer to replace the gaskets with fuzzier ones. A general rule of thumb for determining whether or […]

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How to tint the back glass on an Escalade ESV

Method 1: These models are similar to tinting a Chevy Avalanche. It’s best just to pull the glass, hand cut it, and then replace it while hiding the slits under the metal bands. There are little clips that allow you to pop the glass. Some tinters will use black caulk around the edges as well. […]

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How to remove the sweeps on a 2020 Mazda 6

Method 1: You will find wide sweeps in the upper channel. Pop the clip behind the speaker so you can loosen the panel a little bit, and then use a bone tool or pry bar to pry out the top outside edge with your hand until you can fit your hand in to grab the […]

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How to tint around the smart camera in a 2019 Subaru Ascent

Method 1: You can usually get away with tinting right over top of it without affecting the camera. However, many tinters would prefer not to mess with warranties or the effectiveness of the camera. Unless the customer is totally adamant on having an entire sun strip across the back glass, it is probably safer to […]

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How to save money in an auto tinting shop.

Method 1: Some say using a plotter is a good way to consistently save money on labor by allowing the machine to do the work for you. Finding a high-value film to use can also save a lot of cash in the long term. Some tinters find ways to be efficient with their use of […]

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How to remove the sweeps on a 2019 Ford Ranger

Answer:  If you’re very comfortable pulling sweeps off in this manner, you can just “pop them off” by grabbing the top section of the panel, digging in with your tips from the top face, and pulling away. Eventually, the middle will come out and you can slowly pop it off. A safer method though is […]

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How to put a blackout line on the backglass of a Camaro

  Answer:  If you take the glass out completely, you can easily straight edge cut a piece of blackout tint before replacing it. Lay out the piece, clean it thoroughly, then put the primer on. After letting the primer dry you can tint as normal. If you can’t take it out, then the easiest way […]

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A windshield leaking after I tinted it? What happened?

Answer: There are a lot of variables in this situation that could be contributing to the leak in the windshield after it’s been tinted. If the vehicle has a sunroof, then the most common reason for a leaking windshield is that the drains for the sunroof are clogged with dirt. The sunroof drains are grooves […]

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How to make glass blast resistant with film

Method 1: Blast resistant film has to be somewhere between 7 and 15 mils. It depends on the power of the blast, the glass thickness, the frame, and the way the frame is anchored. Blast resistant film might not make much of a difference if the frame has a weak anchoring system.

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Tinting a one-way mirror

Method 1: If you want a prison-style one-way mirror in a room, you need to make sure that the “viewing” side of the glass (The side of the glass that you want to be see-through) is darker than the “mirror” side of the glass. You need to be able to apply the film on the […]

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Reasons for tempered dual pane seal failure

Method 1: The fact that the glass is tempered likely has nothing to do with seal failure. The fact that it’s tinted may also have nothing to do with the failure of the seal. It could simply be that the IG wasn’t built properly, potentially with a single seal instead of a double seal. Whether […]

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Tinting laminated glass

Method 1: When installing film on laminated glass, it’s important to get as much information as possible about the glass, otherwise it can be a gamble. If you don’t see any obvious marks or labels, then you can usually assume it’s annealed glass. You would then choose a film that would be safe enough for […]

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Can you put electrochromic film on cars?

Method 1: You can absolutely put electrochromic film on cars, and this product has been in use within the auto industry for a while. However, the film has to be manufactured in pieces per vehicle because cutting the film with a knife causes the chemicals to leak out. This means you can’t custom cut this […]

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How to deal with untintable skylights

Method 1: If a skylight is untintable (perhaps because it’s a dome made of plexiglass) there are other alternatives. One possibility is to put an inner frame below the skylight, and use acrylic or polycarbonate and just lay the film between it and the skylight. You can tack it in place on each corner with […]

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How to avoid the appearance of tiny bubbles near the gaskets

Method 1: If you’re in a situation where you’re thoroughly spraying and squeegeeing a surface before laying your film down only to see tiny specks appear later, it could be that the specks are running out from the gaskets. This often happens from the top edge as gravity pushes out debris made loose from your […]

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Can you apply film to Low-E glass?

Method 1: You may apply tint film to Low-E glass, but it will negate the ability of the coating to reflect FIR back into the room. If you have to apply film to Low-E glass, keep in mind that the coating is very sensitive and will probably scratch if you try to scrape it clean […]

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How to avoid soap stains

Method 1: Soap stains can be avoided in the first place by proper rinsing techniques. But if you are still left with soap stains after a tint job, let it completely dry for at least a half-hour. Then spray it with water and dry it off with a microfiber towel.  

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How to avoid thermal fractures

Method 1: If you used the appropriate film for a dual-paned window, the thermal crack may not be your fault. Instead, the fractures may be because of a slight chip or nick in the glass that weakens it. Thermal fractures usually ‘meander’ through the glass in multiple directions. If the crack is in a straight […]

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Can you tint glass to be completely non seethrough?

Method 1: If 1 or 2% VLT isn’t dark enough for you, for example on a garage with valuable things inside, there isn’t really any tint film that is completely impervious to some sort of light. Even on the darkest, most reflective tint, it’s still possible to look through the glass if someone really wants […]

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How to remove and replace film on large plate annealed glass

  Method 1: A lot of tinters will simply walk away from these jobs because of safety concerns. Once glass gets into the 80×100 range, it can be really dangerous to remove film from. It’s just not worth it. Advising that the glass be replaced completely is usually preferable to removing and replacing film. If […]

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How to tint windows with wet, dirty, wooden frames

  Method 1: Clients should be advised beforehand that these types of windows have their limitations. If the edge of a frame is very uneven, it’s not always possible to avoid light gaps. Generally speaking, the best approach is to cut around the putty’d edge first, and then scrape the glass all the way to […]

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How to deal with internal coating underneath tint film

Method 1: If glass has a coating on it that gives it a slight hue underneath the film, it shouldn’t make a difference in tinting. However, if you have you retint it, this process can be tricky because it will be nearly impossible to remove the film and adhesive without damaging the coating as well. […]

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How to tint flat glass windows with rubber gaskets

Method 1: You’ll have to inspect the gaskets and then decide whether it’s worth it to try and pull them. Pulling the gaskets and then putting them back will result in better elimination of light gaps and will give you better-looking edges, but can also be risky if they are old and brittle. If the […]

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How to splice large windows

  Method 1: It is very difficult to find tint wider than 84 inches. If you ever have to use a piece that big, understand that there are much bigger risks in glass failure and overheating. Make sure you have the correct tint level. There isn’t always an obvious place to put your seam or […]

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How to charge for removing old tint

  Method 1: The general ballpark that most tinters charge for removing old tint is somewhere between $2.00 and $3.00 depending on how old, dirty, and difficult it will be to remove. If you’re not significantly experienced in tint removal and can’t gauge it just by looking at it or feeling it, you can usually […]

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Should you pre-cut small windows?

Method 1: Precutting is a matter of debate. Some tinters think that you can’t achieve a professional level of quality when precutting compared to trimming on the window. Other tinters believe it’s possible with proper measuring and saves time. Other tinters are somewhere in the middle, and they will line up one or two factory […]

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Tint film for wind mitigation

Method 1: In high elevation areas that experience a lot of wind, like a high-rise on a beach in a windy area, glass breaking under wind pressure is a risk. This can cause a lot of damage and is also obviously expensive. As a way to “anchor” glass in place, tint film can be reinforced […]

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How to write contracts for skylights

Method 1: Tinting skylights can either be a very lucrative business tactic or a very big time and money waster – depending on how you contract. Because of their exposure to the elements, skylight tint tends to have a much shorter lifespan than regular windows. This means that contractors need to adjust their warranties on […]

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Tinting textured glass

Method 1: Generally speaking, trying to tint over any non-smooth surface is a losing game. Even if you manage to pull it off, film with high heat absorption will ruin textured glass. There is one way around this: Instead of trying to tint the textured glass, add your own layer of cheap 1/8th glass directly […]

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How to protect glass from scratches

Method 1: If you are tinting a glass door in a high traffic area such as an industrial warehouse, or a door that requires a lot of heavy equipment moving through, it is possible to minimize scratches if the customer requests it. Tint the glass as normal, and then you can go over it as […]

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How to tint a freezer that will have exposure to sunlight

Method 1: For a freezer that will be in the sun, you can protect what’s inside by using a dark silver reflective film with anti-graffiti film on top. However, this won’t allow great visibility. Visibility may be important if it’s important to see what’s inside, such as a storefront freezer that showcases cakes or frozen […]

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Is it possible to tint storm windows?

Method 1: Storm windows are absolutely tintable and are compatible with the same tint films as non-storm windows. Tinting them is often easier than tinting regular windows because you don’t have to deal with dual pane safe film. Like other windows, tint storm windows on the interior.

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Can I tint antique glass?

Method 1: Antique, single-paned glass windows are extremely susceptible to breakage, especially during install. American experts believe that the thinner the single pane glass, the more susceptible it is to heat breakage, but Europeans believe the opposite. The main danger is putting too much pressure on it during install and shattering the entire thing. Many […]

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How to tint around beveled grooves in flat glass

Method 1: If the texture inside the bevel is slightly different, for example frosted, you may be better off not tinting on it at all and just running the film right along the beginning of the bevel to the ridge. Using CDF adhesive film, you can get the film to stick down but the corners […]

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How to tint around the spoilers on Honda Civics.

Method 1: The easiest thing, if you have one, is to use a plotter. This will give you the cleanest cut.    Method 2: The other way to deal with these spoilers is to remove them, which should take about 15 minutes. First, you must remove the wiper motor by removing the 10 mm bolt. […]

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Can you prevent condensation on windows?

  Method 1: If you are in a hot climate where you’re forced to use air conditioning to make your home, office, or business comparatively very cold, you will most likely experience condensation. The more drastic the difference in temperature is between the inside and the outside, the more difficult it will be to prevent. […]

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Can the backglass on Plymouth Barracudas be done in one piece?

Method 1: Because of the round, tapered corners, these are extremely difficult to shrink and install in one piece, and should only be attempted by very experienced and confident tinters. Lesser experienced tinters should turn these models away, as not only is the tinting difficult but this glass is almost impossible to replace if it […]

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How to check for laminated glass

Method 1: Laminated glass should have a stamp or marker on all 4 corners. If the stamp has been worn off or isn’t there, you can also try tapping a coin or piece of metal on it. Laminated glass has a dull, matted sound whereas tempered glass will have a higher pitched “ping.” (Keep in […]

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How to remove spoiler on a 2017 Honda Civic.

Method 1: The first thing you need to do is remove the wiper motor by unscrewing a 10 mm bolt. Next, remove the wiper by just jiggling and unsnapping it. Under that, there will be a large bolt that can be removed with a pair of pliers if you don’t have a big enough wrench. […]

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How to cut out quarter windows for 88 Toyota Supra?

Method 1: Cut the top before you install. Then install and squeegee out the water – but not all the way to the sides yet. Using just a tiny bit of blade, cut around the sides. Take a card and force the water out and dry off with a paper towel.   Method 2: You […]

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How to tint a sunroom without harming plants?

Method 1: A common problem people have when tinting sunrooms with plants is that the plants will die afterward due to lack of visible light. A blockage of UV rays is okay, but a lack of visible light will cause them to suffer. Films that have a VLT of 29% or more shouldn’t present any […]

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How to install film on arched windows?

Method 1: Line up the top edge of the film with the highest point of the arch, and then tack it down. Then cut from the middle outwards. Pull the liner off afterward. Arched window glass is usually not tempered, so make sure you are using the right film for the glass you are installing […]

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How to tint a 2017 Dodge Challenger?

Method 1: The back glass can be more sensitive than other models so be careful with steel wool or anything else abrasive in your prep work, use a clay bar for the defrosters. The door panels can be removed by unscrewing the four screws under the latch. It’s best to pull the sweeps on this […]

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How to choose which film to use on a residential job ?

Method 1: The best thing to do is just ask the client why they are putting tint on their windows. Is it for heat rejection, privacy, reduction of sun, or UV protection? Once you know what they want, give them the film that best suits their needs. The cost of different types of films is […]

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Why does my tint job have watery looking ripples in it?

Method 1: When there’s a defect that looks like uniform ripples, almost like if a stone lands in water, this is usually because of failed film or adhesive. This can happen quickly or over time. Lower quality film will begin to melt and fail if it sits in the sun for months or years on […]

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How long after getting a windshield replaced can you tint it?

Method 1: The way all shops work is different, depending on their process. Though conventional wisdom is usually around 1-3 days, it’s best not to touch any glass that’s under a week old. The urethane on each type of glass can be slightly different and needs to be able to fully cure before being tinted. […]

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How to remove the door panel on a BMW 7 Series

Method 1: For the front doors, there are torque screws under the plungers that need to be removed. After they’ve been unscrewed, the panel should pop off.    Method 2: For the back doors, you have to dig in with your fingertips to pop off the two-piece weather stripping at the top of the panel. […]

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How to tint the backglass on a BMW i8

Method 1: Remove the glass and tint it, then put it back in. To remove the glass, pull the outside lower window trim by prying it with something. Inside the cavity are two yellow tabs. Insert your bulldozer inside and press against the yellow tabs. Once the tabs are unclipped, the whole window can slide […]

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How to tint over factory light gaps

Method 1: You can ask the customer what they prefer, but ultimately you can only go to the top of the glass or the beginning of the seam. Whichever way you do it, you’ll still leave that light gap.

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What to do about broken defroster lines and how to prevent it

Method 1: Some vehicles like certain Mercedes, Camaro, and Cayenne models have delicate defroster lines that can come off when taking off old tint film while not even leaving any leftover adhesive. Unfortunately, the only way to fix it is to pay for a new window or try to get the company to warranty it. […]

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How to tint the dot Matrix on a Chevy Volt

Method 1: This matrix is actually relatively simple compared to the ones on other models. Sometimes it’s even possible to do no extra prep work to it. To be safe, it’s best to sand the matrix with fine steel wool while wet, and then tint over it as normal.   

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How to remove PPF from glass

Method 1: Use a steamer   Method 2: When pulling the PFF, don’t pull in the direction of the glass, try to pull it directly off the glass towards you, in a “lifting” motion rather than a “peeling” motion.    Method 3: Use hot water before attempting to remove the PPF. You can hook up […]

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After tinting with ceramic film, the window is foggy and blurry, especially in the morning. What happened?

Method 1: What you’re most likely experiencing is known as ‘low angle haze’ which can happen to carbon and ceramic window films. When light shines at a low angle, as it does during morning or evening sun, haziness will appear in the window because of microscopic particle density in the IR layer of the film. […]

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How to tint a 2017 BMW i3

Method 1: The windshield is obviously very large, so it needs to be shrunk a lot. The doors are relatively tight, so it’s best to get those out of the way first. Before you tint the doors, check the sweeps – as some models have a little piece that can interfere with the film laying […]

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How to prep glass before applying film

Method 1: Prep work will depend on the condition of the car; older cars will require more cleaning and perhaps more disassembling, whereas a brand new car will be cleaner and quicker to prep. On a brand new car, you can usually get away with pulling the sweeps (if necessary), spraying the glass, and then […]

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Can you tint the back glass on a Corvette C8?

Method 1: Since the powerful engine is directly below the glass, it’s going to give off a lot of heat and put stress on the film. Although you can still tint this glass and have it last,  it’s best not to warranty the job or at least explain the situation to the customer. If you […]

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How to tint the back glass of a 2019 Porsche 911 Targa

Method 1: Open the hatch roughly halfway and keep it in place. Next, sit on the back of the trunk to reverse roll your film. Make sure you have shrunken it completely so the fingers don’t pop up on the inside. Since the limited space makes the inside of the glass so tight, cut your […]

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How to tint the back glass on a Honda CRV

Method: If it’s an older model, it may be better to take the glass out completely, clean out the grime, tint, and then reinstall the glass. Regardless, you have to take out the wiper motor, the cable around the windshield, and the brake light. If you don’t have a plotter to cut around everything, cut […]

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How to tint glass with uneven, jagged silicone or gasket.

Method 1: There is no way to get clean edges on gasket or silicon that has become jagged or uneven after years of deterioration. The only way tint it properly is to trim it straight with your blade, or cut it all off completely and redo it – either with new gasket or new caulking. […]

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How to tint the back glass on a 1979 Camaro Z28

 Method 1: This model is a lot easier if the glass is removed because you can stretch shrink it with clamps on the corners to prevent the film from lifting. If you have to do it in place, make a standard H pattern and be ready to heavily manipulate the film. First, lay your pattern […]

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How to remove blade scratches on a 2020 Lexus NX 300

Method: The 2020 NX 300 has a coating on the inside of the glass that can make it easily scratchable. If you see a scratch, it’s most likely in the coating rather than the glass itself. It is possible to remove the coating. You will need to remove the entire coating on the glass, so […]

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How to tint the back glass on a Crown Vic

Method: Cut your film long, at least a few inches on each end, and make relief cuts if needed. Tack the film down with an H pattern, and start heating and shrinking in the corners, keeping the fingers up and down. It’s important to keep the fingers vertical and split half of them to the […]

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What is the darkest you can tint a windshield?

Method: This depends on the window and the state you’re in. For example, Alaska only allows 70% on the front side windows and 30% on the rear window. Wyoming on the other hand allows 28% on all windows, whether it’s the windshield, front windows, or back window. Exceptions are only made if you have medical […]

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How to repair knife scratches on windshields

Method 1: If the scratch is light enough, it can be sanded down, and then polished out. But if you try this process on a bigger scratch, the amount of sanding and polishing you’ll have to do will create a dip in the glass causing optical distortions. In situations where the scratch is too deep, […]

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How to tint the windshield of a 2020 GMC Denali

Method 1: Before doing anything keep in mind that there is a computer behind the glove box at the base of a pillar. The dealership cost to replace these computers is $6,000, so always thoroughly cover your dash, use a soak rope and towels, and try not to use more water than you need on […]

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How to store your clean rags and towels for tinting

Method 1: The simplest way is to just keep them in boxes or buckets, unfolded; one for dirty rags and one for clean. You can also use drawers. To minimize the collection of dust, roll them up and then stack your rolled rags on shelves. Use a laundry style basket for dirty rags so they […]

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Can you tint the windshield on a Subaru Crosstrek with EyeSight?

Method 1: Subaru completely recommends against this and many tinters refuse to tint over these windshields. That being said, other tinters decide to go right ahead. It has been reported in the past that a tint job over the EyeSight will make the cameras and sensors malfunction, causing accidents or rear ends. It is possible […]

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How to tint a 2010 Volkswagen Beetle

Method 1: Remove panels and sweeps on all the doors to keep it cleaner and avoid light gaps. The roundness of the back glass makes it the most difficult part of the car. Cut the film for the back glass with lots of excess and pull shrink it past the ceramic all the way to […]

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How to tint the back glass of a 2016 Chevy Camaro

Method 1: Always be conscious of the computer on the left side of the back trunk. Water will run into it and destroy it so make sure to cover it up nicely before tinting.  The back windows are very tight, so unless you’re an experienced tinter, remove the back panel before tinting. If the car […]

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How to tint over the matrix on a Chevy Volt hatchback

Method 1: Sand the dots down with fine steel wool first. Tinting the matrix on Chevy Volts usually requires more heat than normal, so consider using lots of heat or using your heat gun on a higher temperature if the film isn’t sticking right. Apply lots of pressure and squeegee upwards. Glue can also help […]

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How to tint the front doors on a 2014 Chevy Impala

Method 1: First remove the door panels by undoing the 7mm screw just above the interior handle.  Then you can unclip the top of the panel, which gives you access to the gasket. Pull the gasket and cover your door if necessary. Then begin the tinting process as normal. Replace gaskets and panel components in […]

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How to avoid staining door panels when tinting

Method 1: Sometimes removing panels completely is the best way to avoid damaging door panels while tinting, but it’s not always practical. When tinting with the door panels in place, cover them up with specially made car door cover. They can either be draped right over the top of the window cavity or be fastened […]

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How to tint the front quarter windows on a Honda Pilot

Method 1: Trim the inside gasket on the side closest to the roll-up window at a 45-degree angle and slide it in with lots of slip solution. Try creating your pattern by cutting a liner on the outside of the car. You can also cut the liner on your film on a peelboard or other […]

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How to remove the rearview mirror on a 2017 Honda Accord

Method 1: Grab the square plastic piece that connects the mirror to the glass, and turn it counterclockwise. It will pop off and come down. You will then see a lever under the mirror. Push that lever down and then slide the mirror off. Don’t pull on the mirror, only slide it after the lever […]

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How to tint the back quarter windows of a 2007 Ford Fusion

Method 1: The easiest way to tint these quarter windows is to leave them in place and trim the rubber about a sixteenth of an inch from the high corner downwards along the rounded corner. Leave your knife blade out only a couple of clicks, and slowly slice the rubber while being careful not to […]

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How to tint a Lexus IS 350

Method 1: Because of the finicky nature of the gaskets and seals, it’s always better to remove the door panels before tinting and shrinking. The panels can be removed by accessing the two screws on the bottom. Once the panel is removed, remove the bottom load as well. With the bottom load and panel removed, […]

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How to quote for a 1987 Airstream trailer

Method 1: These trailers have a total of 16 panels, so they’re much more time-consuming. However, the tinting process is relatively simple compared to similar models. Most tinters will charge somewhere between $1100 and $1500.   

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How to identify the causes of large peanuts

Method 1: Peanuts aren’t always caused by bad tinting jobs. Sometimes if a sticker is placed on top of the film and then ripped off, the force of ripping off the sticker can pull the film from the glass. Similarly, too much force from a suction cup can also lift the film up from the […]

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How to peel film on a mobile-tinting job

Method 1: Bring a piece of plexiglass and lay it down somewhere or lean against something.    Method 2: Use a folding table and stand it upright    Method 3: Sometimes it’s easier to just peel your film on top of the car. Peel the film for the front doors on the rear door, and […]

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How to tint the front passenger doors of a Ford GT

Method 1: Take the seals out of the bottom load and tack down one side of your film. With your heat gun on low, slowly shrink the other side of the film. With motions similar to that of back window shrinking, move across slowly and then gradually work your way down. You may get creases […]

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How to strip off decades-old CDA adhesive

Method 1: Very old adhesive can be the most stubborn to remove. First, try a quality adhesive remover with a sharp blade. If you don’t have access to a high-quality adhesive remover, sometimes paint thinner, acetone, or oven cleaner will actually do a better job than the adhesive remover itself.   Method 2: If scraping […]

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How to remove the sweeps on a Lexus LC500

Method 1: The sweeps are clipped into the panel from the back, so in order to access them and get them back on, you need to remove the panels altogether. There are 2 screws on the driver side and four screws on the passenger side. The pins are embedded in the rubber. These clip holders […]

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How to tint the back window on a Corvette C6 XPEL XR

Method 1: After placing your H pattern, lay your film down on the window with some excess. Once the film is tacked down, cut 4-6 inch relief cuts from the back corner of the window to about 3/4s of the way down towards the front doors. Then start shrinking with your heat gun, starting at […]

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How to tint a Ford Fusion 2013 and up

Method 1: Many tinters have issues with film failing on these models, especially the rear glass. Some believe it is the angle of the rear glass, while others believe that the defrosters are too thick, which causes them to get too hot when they’re turned on. There is a coating on the glass that causes […]

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How to tint the wings of a Ford Transit Connect

Method 1: Most tinters find using a plotter to be easier than hand cutting on these models. Removing the panel and the sweeps will make things much smoother as well. Loosen up the seals, slip in a bone stick and slide it around until there’s enough space to slip your film in. Then place your […]

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How to tint a 1990 Toyota Sera

Method: Most tinters will opt to shrink in a side to side manner rather than top to bottom. The doors can be done with a 30-inch roll. The rear screen can be done in one piece, shrunk up and down. Sometimes having a second person assisting with the tint on the rear screen makes the […]

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How to tint a 2016 Jaguar F-Type

Method 1: This is one of the easier models so just tint as normal. Some tinters prefer preheating the door windows. Make sure to tuck the film under the rubber gaskets with your preferred tool. 

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How to tint a 57 Chevy without removing the glass

Method: Cut your film and then shrink it on the outside. Don’t ever use a torch on this model as the glass will break fairly easily. Cut a 1/16th inch gap on the bottom edge of the rear glass and a hairline gap around the whole thing to prevent the film from sucking up debris. […]

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How to avoid water streaks on the back window of a Tesla

Method 1: Use a soak rope and make sure to thoroughly insert it as tightly as possible. After a clean squeegee job, leave the soak rope in for a few minutes. If you pull out the soak rope right after squeegeeing, the rope will slide against your film and this is what causes the streaks. […]

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Preventing contamination of tint film

Method 1: There are many things you can and should do to prevent contamination of your film. The first thing to consider is your environment. If you’re outside, debris can fly onto your glass. If you’re in a dusty environment, you will also be more prone to debris. In debris-prone environments, you have to be […]

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Tinting the side windows of a 1992 Mercury Grand Marquis

Method 1:  Many tinters have trouble slipping the film inside the side window seals. To do this effectively, you can pop the tops of the door panels off, and then pull the seals. Once the seals are out, you can clean underneath and tint as normal. The seals will slide back in the way they […]

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Tinting the windshield of a 2019 Nissan Elantra.

Method 1: The main difficulties with Elantra windshields are the tight top corners. There is a lot to shrink in a really small amount of surface area. A thicker film will exacerbate these problems, so don’t use a film that is thicker than you need. In order to prevent pockets and creases, try tacking the […]

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How to remove glue from back glass

Method 1: Sometimes there is no easy way. First, scrub it with fine steel wool and soapy water. This should remove most of the glue.    Method 2: Try using a razor blade with soap solution and a little elbow grease.    Method 3: There are also various adhesive/glue removers specifically designed for this process. […]

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How to tint the back window of a 1978-1987 El Camino

Method 1: Because of the tight narrow corners, many tinters will charge a lot for these. Most of the time, it’s easier just to remove the glass, shrink it from the inside, and then install. Once installed, trim a ⅜ inch around the perimeter to tale the glue into account. Then let it dry and […]

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Can I still tint a window if it’s chipped?

Method 1:  You can still tint a window if it’s chipped, but you have to do it from the opposite side of the chip. The chip may also become more visible when the dark color of the tint contrasts with the whiteish color of the chipped glass. Car owners should be advised that replacing the […]

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Why are there small dots in my tint?

Method 1: If you’re seeing the little dots inside your film after you tint, it just means the film was contaminated by dirt or dust. Make sure you’re wiping down your glass with a microfiber towel and wiping in only one direction. You also need to make sure you’re spraying and squeegeeing. If specks/dots are […]

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The best way to store window film.

Method 1: Film rolls should rest on soft surface shelves or racks so as to not put stress on them and cause creases or folds. You can glue foam to shelves, or for a more economical method, you can buy vertical closet racks and put them on your wall side to side, and then use […]

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Tinting side windows of 2021 Kia K5.

Method 1: The sweeps are easy to remove as normal but the vertical side seals are very tight. If you need to remove the side seals it’s possible to do so by prying the top out a bit and then sliding them upwards.    Method 2: To tint with seals in place, you will have […]

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Can you tint only the top half of a windshield?

Method 1:  There is a risk of uneven heat stress on the glass, but windshields on new models of high-end vehicles – for example, a Tesla Model X – are not as at risk for this. In general, it’s completely fine and problems are uncommon.   

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How to tint the quarter windows on a 2016 Honda Accord.

Method 1: One option is to take an extra 5 minutes to remove the glass to tint. This will eliminate all possibilities of light gaps. This can be done by slipping a lubricated equalizer shield under the side of the glass next to the door. The whole piece of glass will pop out with the […]

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Removing the sweeps on a 2020 Chevy Colorado

Method 1: It is possible to remove the sweeps on a 2020 Chevy Colorado but it is not advisable due to the risk factor of cracking the door panel. It is still possible to tint without removing by a good tape job and extra slip solution.

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How to tint stationary side windows on Mazda 3

Method 1: These can be tinted without removing by sticking something between the interior gasket and the glass like a bulldozer or pry bar, creating a gap and then cutting the film long and hand-cut the rest. Stick the excess film in the gap you created, and then remove your bulldozer squeegee or pry bar.  […]

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How to use clay bars.

Method 1: Liberally spray your slip solution and then lightly scrub left to ride with the clay bar. Keep the window wet with your slip solution the entire time. To clean the clay bar, just run under warm water to get rid of the grit. You can store in a Ziploc bag. With proper care […]

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How to prep the side dots on BMW windows

Method 1: If you’re going to sand, wet sanding with 0000 steel wool is probably the most abrasive you should use on it to avoid scratches.    Method 2: Many tinters won’t touch them with a sander and instead will just rub them down with a scrub pad, especially on new models with cleaner surfaces.  […]

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How to cut out side windows on a 1988 GMC truck

Method 1: If you’re confident in your cutting abilities, leave the window in and cut around the screw caps on the glass and tint normally.    Method 2: Remove the window by taking off the screw caps. If the screws look like they might strip, you can try heating them a bit with a heat […]

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How to tint a 2016 Maserati Ghibli

Method 1: If you want to remove the glass, you can do so by removing the 4 10mm screws underneath the shelf. However, it is fully possible to tint without removing anything and tinting as normal. Using a bulldozer squeegee helps with the tight spaces on the rear window.

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How to tint a 1995 Oldsmobile Cutlass Supreme

Method 1: This car is one of the most difficult models to tint because of the curvy dovetails on the bottom corners of the rear window, so many tinters will either refuse or charge a significant premium to do it. Tinters also may not offer a warranty. In order to tint all in one piece, […]

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How to tint Jaguar XJL

Method 1: When pulling the rear deck, there is an alignment peg directly below the brake light. This can become a nuisance during the tinting process, and you may need to cut some of it off in order to reinstall.    Method 2: Be aware that the seals are very tight, including the rear 1/4s. […]

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How to avoid pinch marks when using a plotter

Method 1: Make sure the blade holder isn’t faulty. The spinning blade can become caught or snagged if the holder isn’t gripping properly.    Method 2: Examine the pinch rollers. Make sure that they are locked down and firmly pressing down when the plotter is operating. If the pinch rollers are faulty, it can cause […]

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How to use a soakrope before windshield tinting

Method 1: After protecting the dashboard with a microfiber towel, use a flat object such as a spatula or plastic wall scraper to insert the soakrope as deep as you can in between the glass and its perimeter.  Start in the middle and work your way to the outsides. Remove the rope afterwards.   

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What is the easiest way to shrink a back window film?

Method 1: Use a dryer sheet, rub an “H” pattern with a damp sponge and then dry shrink.   Method 2: For a non-toxic method, use a soap bar on a damp towel, and then blow it dry, and then dry shrink.    Method 3: In place of dryer sheets or soap, use a heat […]

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How to remove CDF adhesive film from a window

Method 1: Cut 4-inch strips and peel off what you can. Make sure the glass is wet with soapy water, and then use a single-edged wall scraper with stainless steel blades to scrape away the residual pieces. Afterward, do a last wipe-down with acetone. If you plan on putting HPR or PS adhesive on next, […]

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How to use a steam to remove film from inside of the window

Method 1: Allowing the steamer to do the work for you, start at the corner and slow pull with your hand as the steam disconnects the film from the window.    Method 2: Using the more efficient  ‘Curtain Technique’, start at the two top corners and remove the film until there is one straight horizontal […]

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How to remove trapped hairs from under film.

Method 1: Assuming you’ve caught it before drying, use a marker to circle the hair so you don’t lose track of it. Start peeling from the nearest corner and thoroughly spray the window with your solution. Use your finger to remove hair, and then spray the area again. Reapply the film and then use your […]

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How to do mobile tint installs on cars

Method 1: Get the car out of the wind or use a camping-style tent to put the car under to prevent wind and falling debris. Thoroughly wipe down any surface that you plan on tinting before and during your installation. If you can, work quickly to reduce the chance of hair/debris landing under the film. 

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How to tint a 2020 Dodge Durango

Method: The glass on the inside of the windshield on the 2020 Dodge Durango will scratch when scraped with a stainless steel blade, so if you need to hand cut the film, use a cheaper metal blade. If you need to scrape the window, use an alternative like steel wool. It’s also imperative to properly […]

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How to tint 1954 Chevy truck corner windows

Method 1: Shrink to the sides with the windows in, keeping it clean with glue.    Method 2: Cutting the film long, tack it down in the middle of the bend and then pull shrink the sides. Try using a jig or clamps in order to keep the window still    Method 3: Some corner […]

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Tips for removing hydrophobic coating on the windshield

Option A.) Burn off the coating with a torch. This can be dangerous in certain circumstances, so use a small torch (the kind chefs use to make creme brulee).    Option B.) There are specialized products that are made specifically for removing this hydrophobic coating. If you don’t have access to these products, try stove […]

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How to deal with inspection stickers and toll tags on the glass.

Option A.) Remove the inspection stickers prior to installation. After the installation is complete, carefully reapply the sticker. This way, it’s easier to remove stickers and add new ones without removing the film. When customers need to add/remove a sticker, tell them to come in and I’ll do it for them. This ensures the film […]

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How to tint a sunroof.

Option A.) Explain to the customer that there is a possibility of the sunroof shattering before installation.   Option B.) Only tint sunroofs with tempered glass. This results in a lower possibility of shattering.    Option C.) Use a plotter when tinting sunroofs.

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How to tint the plastic windows on old Jeeps.

Option A.) Order new windows from the manufacturer that are tinted. These zip into place.    Option B.) Various types of light films and wraps are suitable for Jeep plastic windows.   Option C.) Remove the entire top, lay it flat on the ground, and tint it like you would any other window. Remember to […]

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How to remove minor scratches from window tint.

Method 1: The best way to deal with this issue is to remove the scratched film and replace with new film.   Method 2: Buff the scratched film.    Method 3: Spray the affected area with ammonia. Then take steel wool and scrub the area until the scratches fade away. 

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How to remove brake light on BMW Series 6

Method 1: Push metal tabs out with a small flathead screwdriver. Slide the brake light from the inside out through the small hole covering. When you’re ready to put the brake lights back, slide it back in – no tools required.   

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How to tint the back window on a 2019 Toyota Tundra.

Method 1: Make sure the window is clear from any obstructions. Hold the “window down” button for ten seconds. Hold the “window up” button for ten seconds. Finally, hold the “window down” button once again for a further ten seconds. This should deal with any issues. 

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