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How to tint the windshield of a 2020 GMC Denali

Method 1: Before doing anything keep in mind that there is a computer behind the glove box at the base of a pillar. The dealership cost to replace these computers is $6,000, so always thoroughly cover your dash, use a soak rope and towels, and try not to use more water than you need on your tint job. The batteries in these models will die quicker than other vehicles, so its best to flip it onto accessory power while tinting. If the dash lights up and says the car is on low power mode after tinting, it could either mean the electronics got wet, or that the battery is low. If the electronics are wet underneath the dash, then run the front defrost on high to dry it out. If the battery is low, the dash lights should go out after the car gets driven or charged. 

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