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A windshield leaking after I tinted it? What happened?

Answer: There are a lot of variables in this situation that could be contributing to the leak in the windshield after it’s been tinted. If the vehicle has a sunroof, then the most common reason for a leaking windshield is that the drains for the sunroof are clogged with dirt. The sunroof drains are grooves that run from the roof area to somewhere else on the car, depending on the model. To clean the sunroof drains, locate the holes for the drains. They usually exist in the door jamb or on the bottom of the car. The rear drains may go through the rear bumper, or through the jamb on the top of the hatch. You can then assess how bad the clog is by pouring water through the drains and looking at the spout that comes out. If you pour an entire jug of water through and only little drips come out the other end, then you can assume that you probably have clogged drains that need to be cleaned. In this situation, the leaky windshield is not because of the tint job, but you could recommend that the client clean the drains by poking them loose with a wire or coat hanger, and then pouring water through. After several cycles of poking the debris loose with the wire and then rinsing with water, the best way to finish it off is to blow out any remaining debris with compressed air.   If a windshield was never removed or installed during the tint job, any leaks are probably unrelated to the tint job.

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