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How to remove spoiler on a 2017 Honda Civic.

Method 1: The first thing you need to do is remove the wiper motor by unscrewing a 10 mm bolt. Next, remove the wiper by just jiggling and unsnapping it. Under that, there will be a large bolt that can be removed with a pair of pliers if you don’t have a big enough wrench. Remove the washer and other hardware and set aside. Open up the hatch, and unscrew the panel. You will have to pop off the covers on either side with a bone tool or screwdriver, then unscrew the bolts underneath. Next, you will have to take off the bottom trim by just pulling on the bottom till the top pops off. Next, remove the sides in the same manner. Now the whole panel will only be connected the bottom of the tailgate. Push in the rectangular tabs on either side until the panel separates from them. Now take off the black 8 mm bolts on the perimeter of the tailgate. There should be 4 on each side, 2 hold the light. Once you unscrew the bolts you can remove the taillights. Next, you can unscrew the wiper motor’s 3 bolts, unplug it, and remove it. Underneath the motor is the bolt for the brake light. Unscrew it, unplug it, and remove the brake light. Now you will be able to remove the outer panel with the “CIVIC” logo on it by carefully popping it off with a screwdriver or bone tool. This will allow you to finally access the bolts that hold on the spoiler.   Method 2:  To avoid doing all of this, if you expect to get other Civics in the future, you can buy your own Honda Civic back glass, and keep it in the shop for when you have to tint one. Shrink on your glass, and then install it on the customer’s car without removing the spoiler. 

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