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How to tint a 2017 Dodge Challenger?

Method 1: The back glass can be more sensitive than other models so be careful with steel wool or anything else abrasive in your prep work, use a clay bar for the defrosters. The door panels can be removed by unscrewing the four screws under the latch. It’s best to pull the sweeps on this model as well. When installing your film on the inside of the back glass you will have to remove the third brake light by unscrewing the screws and sliding it out of the two grooves. To put it back in, slide it back through those grooves and plug it back in. There is a rubber strip along the bottom of the back glass which some tinters rip off completely because it tends to hold water, but you can also remove it and reinstall it by removing the entire back deck. Special attention should be given to your water on the windshield as there are modules underneath that can be damaged by water. Cover the dash and use soakropes. Other than the backglass sometimes being prone to peanuts because of the defrosters, this is generally an easier model to tint.

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