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How to tint the back glass of a 2019 Porsche 911 Targa

Method 1: Open the hatch roughly halfway and keep it in place. Next, sit on the back of the trunk to reverse roll your film. Make sure you have shrunken it completely so the fingers don’t pop up on the inside. Since the limited space makes the inside of the glass so tight, cut your pattern on the outside.    Method 2: To get the cleanest possible install and to minimize the chance of light gaps, remove the plastic panels all around the back glass. Take note of which panels overlap each other so that you can reinstall them in the correct order. Lay your glass pane on a stand and do your tinting job using the pull method to shrink. This glass is similar to the back glass of a Corvette, so the curvy corners may call for cutting the film extra big and trimming the excess. If you’re unsure about removing the panels, sometimes the Porsche dealerships are willing to assist you in removing them. 

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