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How to install large pieces of dusted crystal film when you’re by yourself

Method 1: If you can’t find anyone to help you install a big piece of dusted crystal, try hanging the film somewhere near the window you’re working on and strip the liner. Then fold it in half from the bottom to the top, making the film 50% smaller. By holding the piece by the top corners, you can then tack the top of film up using tape. Then let the bottom half fall down as you tint the film in its place. It’s best to work fast and use a lot of soap, limiting the amount of time for things to go wrong.   Method 2: If you’re working on scaffolding or something that allows at least some lateral movement, you can try this: While on the scaffolding, mist the already clean window. Then pull your film out of its box. Hold the roll vertically against the glass and start unrolling it going left to right, keeping the film at a 45-degree angle while holding the film down on the glass. The idea is to have the film stick to the glass with your slip solution. When all the liner is pulled, you can then turn the whole thing around by grabbing one of the top corners. Next, bring it over to the other top corner and reverse them. If the film is wet enough, then it shouldn’t matter if it touches itself. To pull this off you have to go slow and keep a finger on the top portion of the film in case it wants to come off.  

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