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Reasons for tempered dual pane seal failure

Method 1: The fact that the glass is tempered likely has nothing to do with seal failure. The fact that it’s tinted may also have nothing to do with the failure of the seal. It could simply be that the IG wasn’t built properly, potentially with a single seal instead of a double seal. Whether tempered or annealed, glass will behave more or less the same when it absorbs a lot of heat. What can ultimately cause seal failure is the persistence expansion and contraction from heating during the day and cooling during the night. It has to flex in and deal with outputting stress on the seal. When it contracts, it is essentially pulling the seal from the frame, weakening it each time. On double sealed units, the first seal holds the glass tight to the spacer bar while the second seal seals off the perimeter of both panels and protects the first seal from any potential leaks or failures.   If you find yourself in a situation where a window you have tinted has a seal failure, it’s likely it has nothing to do with your tint job - unless you used a film that absorbs too much heat. Otherwise, you should be able to get the glass supplier to replace the piece.

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