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Glass exploded on a Honda Civic immediately after leaving the tint shop

Answer:  There could have a massive drop in temperature that caused the glass to explode. If the tint shop is very warm while it’s well below freezing outside, this can put stress on older glass. For example, if the tinter heated up the glass with a heat gun while shrinking and then the customer quickly took it outside before the glass immediately shattered, then it’s likely a temperature related issue. Some cars have a heat sensor that regulates the defrosters on the back glass. Sometimes if this sensor is defective it could overheat, making the glass very sensitive to temperature changes. Driving right out into freezing weather could make this glass explode if the tint shop had the car running for 20-30 minutes to dry out before a customer picks it up with the defrosters were on. Another cause of exploding glass is nickel sulfide inclusion which occurs in toughened glass. However, this is unrelated to temperature changes. There is not always a clear reason behind these incidents, so when in doubt, you can contact your supplier to check for defective glass.

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