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How to deal with internal coating underneath tint film

Method 1: If glass has a coating on it that gives it a slight hue underneath the film, it shouldn’t make a difference in tinting. However, if you have you retint it, this process can be tricky because it will be nearly impossible to remove the film and adhesive without damaging the coating as well. This means you now have an additional step of removing all the coating as well.  On commercial buildings, uniformity is needed, which means you either have to not damage any of the windows coatings, or not remove them all. Committing to trying to not damage any of the coatings is obviously risky. You could spend a lot of time carefully removing film and then 20 windows later, destroy the coating underneath. For these scenarios, most tinters are faced with two choices: Either they simply don’t tint windows that already have film on them, or they commit to removing all the coating on all the windows and quote accordingly. 

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