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How to deal with inspection stickers and toll tags on the glass.

Option A.) Remove the inspection stickers prior to installation. After the installation is complete, carefully reapply the sticker. This way, it’s easier to remove stickers and add new ones without removing the film. When customers need to add/remove a sticker, tell them to come in and I’ll do it for them. This ensures the film isn’t damaged by the customer   Option B.) It depends on what kind of film. With clear-50% film, remove the stickers and reapply them afterwards. With 35% or below, cut around the stickers and toll tags.    Option C.) While inspections stickers are relatively straightforward (just remove and reapply after tinting), toll tags can be a little more troublesome. Some toll tags are intentionally self-destructing - which means that when you try to scrape them off, they just break apart. These toll tags can cost hundreds of dollars to replace, so check with the customer before you do anything to the toll tags. 

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