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How to tint the back glass on a 1979 Camaro Z28

 Method 1: This model is a lot easier if the glass is removed because you can stretch shrink it with clamps on the corners to prevent the film from lifting. If you have to do it in place, make a standard H pattern and be ready to heavily manipulate the film. First, lay your pattern down an inch and a half from the top and lock it down, then do the same to your sides after allowing them to lay down flat. Lift your pattern and move it an inch and a half from the bottom and repeat. Always make sure the bottom corners are laying down flat by themselves. Then, lift your pattern and reposition it to the center, using generous amounts of slip solution. After squeegeeing, make sure it’s completely shrunk before your install. You will probably have to trim the butyl around the perimeter of the glass to give yourself about an 8th-inch gap. Squeegee from the center outwards, then go top to bottom. Always use a card to flatten creases and a towel to absorb the excess water.   

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