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Can I tint antique glass?

Method 1: Antique, single-paned glass windows are extremely susceptible to breakage, especially during install. American experts believe that the thinner the single pane glass, the more susceptible it is to heat breakage, but Europeans believe the opposite. The main danger is putting too much pressure on it during install and shattering the entire thing. Many […]

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How to tint around beveled grooves in flat glass

Method 1: If the texture inside the bevel is slightly different, for example frosted, you may be better off not tinting on it at all and just running the film right along the beginning of the bevel to the ridge. Using CDF adhesive film, you can get the film to stick down but the corners […]

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Can you prevent condensation on windows?

  Method 1: If you are in a hot climate where you’re forced to use air conditioning to make your home, office, or business comparatively very cold, you will most likely experience condensation. The more drastic the difference in temperature is between the inside and the outside, the more difficult it will be to prevent. […]

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How to tint a sunroom without harming plants?

Method 1: A common problem people have when tinting sunrooms with plants is that the plants will die afterward due to lack of visible light. A blockage of UV rays is okay, but a lack of visible light will cause them to suffer. Films that have a VLT of 29% or more shouldn’t present any […]

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How to install film on arched windows?

Method 1: Line up the top edge of the film with the highest point of the arch, and then tack it down. Then cut from the middle outwards. Pull the liner off afterward. Arched window glass is usually not tempered, so make sure you are using the right film for the glass you are installing […]

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General tips for tinting a 2019 Honda Civic H/B Sport with a Type-R back window and spoiler

Option A.) Remove everything, including the spoiler, before tinting. It isn’t that time-consuming. If you’re looking for tips on how to remove the spoiler, there are plenty of helpful YouTube videos.   Option B.) Install the film without removing the spoiler. Seam your film down on the defrost line underneath the spoiler.   Option C.) […]

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