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I’m about to tint an Audi A8 L. Is there anything I should look out for? Any general tips?

Answer A.) This car can be a little tricky. First off, you can’t really remove the headrests, and this leaves you with almost no room to install film on the back glass. In addition, the rear windows have seals that you have to avoid when you tint.   Answer B.) Watch out for water dripping down the back window. It can drip down into an amplifier to the right of the trunk if you’re not careful. It’s best to take a few minutes and check for amplifiers that could possibly be damaged.   Answer C.) A good trick is to use a bone to take out the rear brake light. This should make the installation easier.   Answer D.) Customers with these cars often receive a large quote. We basically have to strip the entire car down to make the installation feasible, and the customer has to pay extra for this time-consuming job.   Answer E.) The back window on an Audi A8 L can be a pain because the defrost lines can be an issue on both sides. Here’s how to approach the back window: Prep with alcohol and steel wool first, then place the back window and turn on the defrost before you squeegee. Bottom loading might be a better option because there isn’t a ton of room for a two-stage approach.

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