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How to splice large windows

  Method 1: It is very difficult to find tint wider than 84 inches. If you ever have to use a piece that big, understand that there are much bigger risks in glass failure and overheating. Make sure you have the correct tint level. There isn’t always an obvious place to put your seam or splice, and sometimes it’s better just to ask the customer to choose the spot to free yourself of responsibility. Other times, it may be more logical to place the seam behind a grid or line on the glass, or in a place that makes it hard to see the seam because of the angle of light that comes through the window. Sometimes, the seam could be horizontal, vertical, in the middle, or closer to the edge. It just depends on what it takes to make it less visible. Try to find a vantage point and consider where it should go. For office buildings, if there are tall verticle buildings outside, a verticle seam lined up with one of the buildings may the best way to disguise the seam.

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