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Can you prevent condensation on windows?

  Method 1: If you are in a hot climate where you’re forced to use air conditioning to make your home, office, or business comparatively very cold, you will most likely experience condensation. The more drastic the difference in temperature is between the inside and the outside, the more difficult it will be to prevent. The window will be especially more vulnerable to condensation the thinner the glass. You most likely will not be able to prevent condensation on old, single-paned windows, but may have some luck on others.    Method 2: You can use anti-fog film, same as what is used on the glass of freezer doors in grocery stores. This will not completely prevent condensation but will reduce it by a noticeable amount.    Method 3: Tint the glass with a metal film. Metal films have insulation properties and will help slow the conductivity of heat. 

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