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How to remove glue from back glass

Method 1: Sometimes there is no easy way. First, scrub it with fine steel wool and soapy water. This should remove most of the glue.    Method 2: Try using a razor blade with soap solution and a little elbow grease.    Method 3: There are also various adhesive/glue removers specifically designed for this process. However, these are usually pricier options and should only be used in difficult situations. In place of adhesive or glue remover, some tinters use oven cleaner as an economical alternative.    Method 4: Use the “garbage bag method”. Soak the glass well in ammonia, and then cover it with a black garbage bag, using tape to seal in all the vapors. Then leave the car or the glass in a hot place, like the sun, for 1-2 hours. Then (and don’t breathe in the ammonia vapors), remove the bag. The glue should be much easier to remove now. Continue scraping with a blade or steel wool as normal. 

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