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How to tint around the spoilers on Honda Civics.

Method 1: The easiest thing, if you have one, is to use a plotter. This will give you the cleanest cut.   Method 2: The other way to deal with these spoilers is to remove them, which should take about 15 minutes. First, you must remove the wiper motor by removing the 10 mm bolt. The wiper should snap off. Then remove the bolt and washers under that with pliers or a wrench. Open the hatch and remove the entire panel by popping off the covers of the bolts on either side and unscrewing the bolts. Now remove the bottom and side trim. The rest of the panel should pop off by pushing on the rectangular tabs on both sides. Once you remove the bolts under those tabs you will be able to remove the taillights and the wiper motors three bolts. Now you can remove the outer panel which will reveal the bolts that hold on the spoiler. Unscrew the bolts and remove the spoiler. You can now go ahead and tint and put the spoiler back on afterward by reapplying everything in reverse order.   Method 3: You can also cut your film in two pieces, either using a plotter or free hand, and then putting the seams behind the spoiler. You shouldn’t have to remove the top wing in order to shrink.   Method 4: If you expect to do more in the future, just order the backglass and leave it in your shop somewhere. Next time you get a Honda Civic Hatchback, shrink on your glass separately and then install it on the car.

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