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When creating a two-way mirror with 5% film, should I place the film inside the office or outside the office?

Answer 1: Always put the reflective edge on the side of the window that faces outside. In other words, the reflective edge should be facing away from whatever you’re trying to keep private.    Answer 2: This really depends on the light. In order for this two-way mirror system to work, there needs to be more light outside the private area. If there is more light coming from within the private area, the two-way mirror system may not work. In addition, the two-way mirror system will likely fail if the light is equal on both sides. You should inform the client that this type of film setup is highly dependant on the light. This is because the side with the greatest amount of light will create the reflection effect.   Answer 3: You should put the film on the inside of the commercial building, not outside. 

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