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How do you tint the back glass on a 2008 VW GTI?

Answer 1: Pull the trim on the back glass for a much easier install.    Answer 2: Use the soap shrink method with a low anchor. Start just a few inches above the wiper, and make sure that your anchor sits above the heavily curved bottom corners. Don’t worry about using any side anchors, just focus on the line across the window. Make sure to leave a few extra inches of film on the bottom of the window. Then, pull downwards on the corners as you shrink the window. Although this sounds complex, there’s really nothing to it.    Answer 3: When tacking the film, make sure to start as low as possible. As long as you leave enough slack, it should be relatively easy to pull from the bottom as you shrink.    Answer 4: With a window like this, you want to make sure that you’re cutting your piece of film considerably bigger than the window itself. This should give you plenty of space to work with.    Answer 5: The key is to remove the inner boot trim. Dry shink carefully and try not to rush. As long as you’ve placed your anchor line near the bottom and left enough space at the bottom, you should be good.    Answer 6: Do not anchor the sides and lift-shrink the window. Dry shrinking works best with this window.    Answer 7: Shrink from the outside.    Answer: Find out where the fluorescent reflection is, and use that exact spot as your anchor line.    Answer 8: Remove the tailgate panels before tinting. These shouldn’t take long to pull.    Answer 9: Wet the glass, then go over with a dryer sheet. After letting the window dry, go over with a water band, starting slightly below the top of the glass. Remember to avoid using the water band in the center of the window. Use the highest heat setting possible. Next, use gloves and hard cards to form. You want to go from top to bottom with these windows. 

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