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Are the rumors true? Does tinting Tesla sunroofs with 5% tint really crack the glass?

Answer 1: The main issue is actually absorption. Anything darker than 70% will increase the absorption rate considerably. This means that whenever the vehicle is moving, cool air will deal with the absorption. But as soon as the vehicle comes to a stop for an extended period of time, the glass will become incredibly hot. You may want to inform your customers about this, as (at least in theory) glass runs the risk of breakage whenever it expands due to heat.    Answer 2: Many experienced, veteran window film professionals have been tinting Tesla sunroofs and rear windows with 20% and 5% ceramic/carbon film without ever encountering any issues. They say that customers have never come back complaining about cracked windows.    Answer 3: This rumor probably got started because of Tesla’s warranty policy. As soon as you tint the windows, the warranty becomes void. It doesn’t matter whether you’re choosing 5% tint or 70% tint. Light or dark, any film on the windows will void the warranty. This obviously makes a lot of Tesla owners concerned, and they may automatically assume that the glass will break if they put film on their windows.    Answer 4: If these windows crack, the most likely culprit is probably some kind of defect rather than the film itself. Cracks appear due to chips in the glass. It may also be due to a substandard installation of the film. 

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