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How to identify the causes of large peanuts

Method 1: Peanuts aren’t always caused by bad tinting jobs. Sometimes if a sticker is placed on top of the film and then ripped off, the force of ripping off the sticker can pull the film from the glass. Similarly, too much force from a suction cup can also lift the film up from the glass.    Method 2: If you think a large peanut happened during tinting, one of the most likely causes is leaving too much moisture under the film. If a bubble of water is left under the film, once it evaporates it will leave a bubble. On the other hand, not enough moisture and too much heat can distort and expand the film which will also leave a bubble. Often times bubbles will be triggered from the defrosters so pay close attention to shrinking around them.   Method 3: If a windshield is tinted from the inside and a mirror is hung from it, sometimes the weight of the mirror can pull on the film and create peanuts or bubbles.   

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