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How to write contracts for skylights

Method 1: Tinting skylights can either be a very lucrative business tactic or a very big time and money waster - depending on how you contract. Because of their exposure to the elements, skylight tint tends to have a much shorter lifespan than regular windows. This means that contractors need to adjust their warranties on skylights in order to avoid constantly coming back to work for free. If the customer is okay with little to no warranty, contractors can earn good money continuously coming back to replace old skylight film, treating it as a repeatedly consumable product. Most of the time, skylights will be an edge-sealed exterior install. Some contractors will quote per skylight, rather than per square foot. This helps them get paid for the trouble of setting up scaffolding, going on the roof, and the other complexities involved. If they’re reachable, skylights can be tinted from the inside and last longer, but it can be dirty and hard to trim on the inside.   

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