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Can I tint antique glass?

Method 1: Antique, single-paned glass windows are extremely susceptible to breakage, especially during install. American experts believe that the thinner the single pane glass, the more susceptible it is to heat breakage, but Europeans believe the opposite. The main danger is putting too much pressure on it during install and shattering the entire thing. Many tinters will either turn these jobs down or waive liability. You will have to take each situation on a case-by-case basis. If you’re doing glass on historical buildings and replacing them with new glass isn’t an option, you will have to inspect each piece for cracks or breakages in the seal. Keep in mind that glass loses about half its strength for every 50 years it exists. It will also sag, causing the bottom edge of the pane to be thicker and a little less vulnerable than the top edges. 

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