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How to tint a 2021 Porsche Taycan

Method 1: The back and rear quarter windows are easy enough for any sophomore tinter to handle. The sides are a type of suede and need to be taped off. If a customer wants the tint to be wrapped around the brake light, consider removing the brake light to make it easier to install. It will disconnect the same way as brake lights on most Audis or Volkswagens. The doors have extremely tight gaskets on the bottom, but can be done without removing anything. With that said, the panels are simple enough to take off. To remove the panels, look for the two T25 torque screws that hold the entire thing on. One is behind the top outer section of the panel behind a plastic cover. The other is behind the door handle, so just move the door handle upwards, pop off the plastic cover and unscrew. This model doesn’t have the standard clips behind the panel so you won’t have to worry about snapping them. Rather than clips, you’ll see hooks that are fairly strong. Remember to unplug the two cables in the door. The material inside the door panels is similar to the porous material often found inside of BMWs, which tends to swell up and absorb water that spills inside. If you can’t be conservative with water, consider removing the panels and save yourself the risk of paying thousands of dollars in damages.

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