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A 2018 Subaru Forrester won’t start after tinting it, what happened?

Method 1: It could be that the battery is exhausted. If it’s a brand new vehicle, it could have sat at the dealership draining power for weeks if people were neglecting it there. Try recharging the battery and restarting it. If it won’t start after the battery has been charged, then you can probably rule out any battery problems. At this point, it’s best to let the car sit; You likely got some of the electronics wet while tinting it, possibly the push start button. The push buttons are incredibly sensitive on this model and require a lot of caution. Let the vehicle sit overnight, or for at least ten hours. When there’s no power, electronics and water get along fairly well, but once you start flicking switches and pumping it with power, the vehicle will become prone to damage. Take your time, let it dry, and then try it again in the morning. Underneath the steering wheel and to the right is a module that controls the theft lock system. This module may have gotten wet and now fails to recognize the key. Hopefully, this module isn’t damaged and just needs to dry out. Always use a soak rope and towel when working in electronic heavy vehicles.

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