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How to tint around the plastic latches on the windows of Ford Rangers

  Method 1: Remove the latch completely, tint, and then add it back again. To remove the latch, take a straight pick and push out the pin from the latch that runs vertically. You can go from top to bottom or bottom to top. There is a V-shaped piece of metal inside that acts as a pressure spring on the latch. Remove the two small phillips screws and set aside. Put the components back in reverse order to reapply the latch after your tint job.    Method 2: If, for whatever reason, you need to tint without removing the latch, it is possible to cut the film around it. To cut around the latch, shine a light from the inside of the car going outward, and, with your film tacked down, carefully trade around it, leaving a tiny bit in excess so you can slip it under the edges during the install, or trim off any excess. Cut out the shape of the latch with a knife and then install it as normal.   

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