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How to remove blade scratches on a 2020 Lexus NX 300

Method: The 2020 NX 300 has a coating on the inside of the glass that can make it easily scratchable. If you see a scratch, it’s most likely in the coating rather than the glass itself. It is possible to remove the coating. You will need to remove the entire coating on the glass, so depending on time constraints and skill level, it may be better to just order new glass. To remove the coating, take out the glass completely and scrape it off the same way you would scrape off 20-year-old film. It can take up roughly 10 blades per window to get it all off. If you’re not confident with a blade, you can also use a white scrubby, which is less likely to damage the glass. There is no visual difference between the glass with or without the coating, so you won’t need to scrape the coating on the other windows. Starting in 2021, Lexus didn’t put this coating on the glass of these models, so if you see this type of scratch on a 2021 model, it's the glass, not the coating.  

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