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How to prevent failure of tint jobs on Ford Fusions 2013 and up

Method 1: Many tinters agree that most tint jobs on Ford Fusions will fail within two years, regardless of the quality of the film or the conditions it is exposed to. These issues usually arise only with the 2013 models and newer ones. It is common for tint shops to void the warranty on these cars or to charge more for them. One theory is that there is a chemical that Ford uses on the glass coating or in the defroster lines that dissipates and causes the film to fail. Another theory is that the thickness and curvature of the glass acts like a magnifying glass, heating up the film to higher than average temperatures. If you’re a tinter and have to tint a Ford Fusion, consider informing the customer of this problem with the car and recommend replacing the glass, especially if you’re in a hotter climate.   

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