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How to remove water marks on a Chevy Silverado after three months?

Answer 1: You can avoid this scenario by tinting properly in the first place. Remove the screw to pop out the top of the panel, shift it back, and remove the sweeps. Next, cover the door panels with liners before tinting. Use a tri-edge squeegee to push the liner near the panel towards the bottom corners.    Answer 2: Hit your panels with a heat gun immediately after tinting. A few seconds should be more than enough to dry them and prevent water marks.    Answer 3: If you’re dealing with water marks that just don’t seem to go away, try misting some sprayway on the panel. Leave it for a few seconds before wiping it clean and going over with the heat gun one final time.    Answer 4: Just make sure you’re spraying the area down with slip solution. Then, let it sit and wipe it down before using some interior shine.    Answer 5: You might have trouble with those door panels, as the Chevy Silverado is known for having substandard door panels that attract water marks easily.    Answer 6: Use door guards or door liners before tinting, and you can avoid this problem. 

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