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Is there a “special trick” to tinting curved back glass on older model Corvettes?

Answer 1: First, take the shocks and latch buttons off the window. You need to shrink these windows, and be prepared for much bigger fingers than a normal window of this size. The key is to take your time. Use an oversized piece of film. Alternatively, you can use buttonholes, but make sure that these buttonholes are fully cured or the buttons will create stress marks. These small mistakes can lead to a complete redo.    Answer 2: Make sure that you allow for ample drying time. This should clear up many issues that seem problematic at first glance.    Answer 3: Make sure to give yourself plenty of room when cutting around the shocks. Next, pen it in instead of simply heating out the hole. This will prevent the film from twisting in the future, which will require a redo.    Answer 4: If you’re confident in your cutting skills, cut the seams and overlap the film over the outermost frost lines. Then, cut along one side of the frost line.    Answer: If you can’t make it work with just one piece, try using three separate pieces.    Answer 5: Remember to use steel wool on the defrost lines, because they tend to experience considerable oxidation. Alternatively, you can sand the frost lines down.    Answer 6: Disassemble the window first, then lay your film. Heat the film around the grommets before finally reassembling the window.    Answer 7: Instead of cutting the holes, you can simply shrink and torch the holes after the film has dried.    Answer 8: Apply Vaseline to the film on the plastic components, as this will help you avoid twisting the film when you reassemble everything.   

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