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How to avoid the appearance of tiny bubbles near the gaskets

Method 1: If you’re in a situation where you’re thoroughly spraying and squeegeeing a surface before laying your film down only to see tiny specks appear later, it could be that the specks are running out from the gaskets. This often happens from the top edge as gravity pushes out debris made loose from your spraying. To avoid this, you need to switch up your spraying technique: When you spray the glass, don’t spray the top section. Instead, spray the top section of the film instead. When you place the top of the film, squeegee it into place. This should prevent debris from shaking loose from the gasket when you spray it. There’s also a possibility that that glass is pitted. You can tell if it’s pitted if you hear a “crunchy” sound when you drag your scraper on the glass. If you hear that sound, then opt-out from using the scraper and instead use a scrub pad to clean. Otherwise, you will scratch the glass with a scraper. 

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