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After tinting with ceramic film, the window is foggy and blurry, especially in the morning. What happened?

Method 1: What you’re most likely experiencing is known as ‘low angle haze’ which can happen to carbon and ceramic window films. When light shines at a low angle, as it does during morning or evening sun, haziness will appear in the window because of microscopic particle density in the IR layer of the film. Sometimes during manufacturing, the carbon or ceramic particles will clump together instead of getting evenly distributed, causing blockages of light. Unfortunately, there is no way to fix this after the haze has already appeared, other than redoing the tint. Some film manufacturers will offer a warranty for the malfunction, while others won’t. The only thing you can do to fix low angle haze is to avoid it in the first place by choosing quality films that offer warranties for the faultiness of their products. Also, keep in mind that haze is more noticeable in thicker films. 

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