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How to prevent bubbles in the film around the defroster lines on a 2010 Nissan Altima

Method 1: If it’s an issue with your prep work, try focusing on using 0000 grit steel wool on the defrosters and thoroughly cleaning them afterwards. Put special focus where the lines curve upwards as this is where the peanuts are most likely to appear. Always spray afterwards with your mounting solution and squeegee it clean.   Method 2: Instead of using an H pattern, try just a line down the middle to give the film a little more flexibility.    Method 3: Leave the defroster on while you prep the window and continue to leave it on when you lay your film. Squeegee from the center outwards, always along the lines instead of across.   Method 4: Use less soap in your spraying solution. Dried soap particles can cling to the defrosters and cause peanuts.    Method 5: Make sure you’re using a higher quality film with a stronger adhesive. Some of the cheaper films have trouble sticking to the defrosters and inevitably cause bubbles, creases, or peanuts.   

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