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What to do when a 2020 Dodge Ram won’t start after a tint job?

Method 1: If a 2020 Dodge Ram won’t start after a tint job, then you have to really hope you haven’t fried the ignition module under the dash. Those modules are about a $3000 fix from the dealership. This one of the main reasons why some tint shops won’t do these models; It’s not worth being responsible for a $3000 fix just to make $200 on a tint. To rule out this responsibility, unplug the battery, put fans on, and let it sit overnight. If you’re still having problems the day after then you will have to go to a dealership to get the module replaced.     Method 2: To prevent this from happening, especially on Dodges and other newer models with alot of electronics, it’s best to go beyond a soak rope and towel and just take the whole windshield out, or advise the customer to buy a new piece of glass and then pick it up yourself. This will raise the price but will cut out any risk of damaging the expensive electronic components under the dashboard. Often, thick soak ropes and towels won’t protect the sensitive electronics under dashboards. 

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