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How to tint the small triangular windows on a 2020 Volkswagen Golf GTI.

Method 1: Put headlight smoke film on the outside.   Method 2: Use two spatulas on either side, with one spatula holding the film in place and another pushing the water out. Choose spatulas that have a significant amount of flex to make the tinting easier.    Method 3: Create your own custom tool that is smaller than other spatulas.    Method 4: Remove the interior panel. Find the three clips on top of the A pillar and pop the panel out to create a one-inch gap. Using needle-nose pliers, carefully squeeze out the clip. From that point on, tinting the window is easy. The entire process should take ten minutes to remove and reinstall as you will have plenty of room to work with.    Method 5: Inform the customer that you will not tint these windows. Usually, they will understand when you explain the difficulty involved. 

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