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How to tint flat glass windows with rubber gaskets

Method 1: You’ll have to inspect the gaskets and then decide whether it’s worth it to try and pull them. Pulling the gaskets and then putting them back will result in better elimination of light gaps and will give you better-looking edges, but can also be risky if they are old and brittle. If the gaskets are old, dirty, and brittle, then you risk breaking them and having to get new ones before you continue tinting. If you have to do more than one window, you may end up getting all new gaskets so they match. You can also try to remove just one or two edges, depending on which edges are the most visible. To remove rubber gaskets, you can get them started with a flat bar or even your knife, and then do the rest with your fingers. Some gaskets are easy enough to just pull out with your fingers. Always remember which gasket goes to which edge. You can label them with painter’s tape to keep track of where they go. 

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