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How do you tint the back window on a newer Toyota hatchback?

Answer 1: Remove the panel on the hatch, and you’ll find that the entire process is much easier. The shrink should take only minutes.    Answer 2: Shrink in quarter sections and use the regular roll-down technique. Make sure you give yourself plenty of space for the film.    Answer 3: After removing the panel, you may want to use the bottom-loading technique – but make sure you give yourself plenty of extra room to work with when cutting.    Answer 4: You can tint this window without removing any panels by simply using the roll-up technique.    Answer 5: To make life easier, start by melting in one corner before quickly resetting in between.   Answer 6: Use a two-stage method and get help from someone when rolling up the window if possible. Alternatively, you can use the buttons on the vehicle to roll up the window after you trick the latch, and you won’t need any help with this method.    Answer 7: You can actually save some time by simply buying the back glass for $100. This will make cutting and shrinking a lot easier.    Answer 8: You’ll want to start by thoroughly cleaning the outside of the window. Next, apply enough slip solution to cover the entire back window. Line up the bottom edge of the film with the seal and make sure to match the curve when cutting. Cut both sides about 4 inches above the seal and use a normal roll-down method to cut down. Slide the film down slightly, then tack the center and roll the window down using the vehicle buttons. Cut the sides and the top edge before transferring the film to the glass. Then, use a straight edge to  cut from the bottom before transferring it back to the rear glass. Start with the film rolled up and wet shrink it with a roll-down technique. Next, use the H-pattern technique and shrink until smooth. Roll the window back down and then transfer to the peel board. Finally, you’re ready to install the tint. You can do this either with a helper or with the vehicle’s buttons.    Answer 9: The best way to do this is by folding the middle seats so you can lay backward and hit the window button when necessary. This is a lot easier than constantly crawling in and out of the vehicle.    Answer 10: Pull the gasket and use the bottom-loading technique.    Answer 11: Use a marker to mark the sides before finishing the side cuts on a peel board. 

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