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Due to high demand 50ft rolls(automotive) are currently unavailable.

Everything You Need For PPF Installation: Pattern Software, Plotters, Tools & PPF


Paint Protection Film Sale and PPF Class This Week

The TintDepot and PlotterDepot team is back from the SEMA show in Las Vegas and we had a great show, thank you everyone for stopping by and checking out our installation PPF tools, window tint tools, FilmCut software and Workhorse plotters. We have a PPF oversupply of 24″, 30″ and 36″ rolls of Paint Protection […]

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Full Body PPF Patterns on FilmCut Cutting Software

FilmCut’s PPF patterns are growing every month with more and more full body car kits.  If you haven’t checked out the patterns lately, give PD a new look and find out all the new patterns and move into bigger Paint Protection Film sales with full wraps from FilmCut software. There are thousands of Paint Protection […]

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What Is A Plotter?

What is a plotter? In the vinyl, ppf & tint industry, plotters are big cutting machines that work similar to a larger printer.  There are various types of plotters used in numerous industries. Some plotters draw designs for architects, other plotters have ink and can create ink jet wraps & signs. These early output devices, […]

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Antivirus Silver Clear Film

TintDepot has introduced an anti-virus clear silver film to protect surfaces which has a PS (pressure sensitive) adhesive. The description of the film is: Kills 99.9% viruses & bacteria Polyester based film that is coated with a silver powder Durability to kill viruses & bacteria is: 6 months Anti-Bacteria Properties  include: Test method: JIS Z […]

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FilmCut PPF Cutting Software – New Full Body Patterns

FilmCut’s PPF Cutting Software continues to add more and more full body patterns. Grow your Paint Protection Film business with FilmCut’s cutting software.  Installers can get around $2,400 for a full hood install and $8,400 (approx.) for a full body installation of Paint Protection Film, depending on car models, complexity, market & size of vehicle. […]

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Anti-Bacteria Films for Touch Displays (POS) and AntiVirus

Reduce bacteria and viruses on surfaces! Many fingers & germs end up on Point of Sale (POS) touch screen terminals especially on gas station terminals.  Anti-Bacteria films inhibit the ability of bacteria and viruses (including COVID-19) to survive and spread.  Each touch or contact with the treated surface becomes a barrier to potential transmission, providing […]

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PPF Construction

How is Paint Protection Film, PPF, constructed? HiTek Paint Protection Film – Standard: Technical Data Sheet HiTek PPF is specially formulated paint protection film consists of high-performance pressure sensitive adhesive, ultra-clear TPU film and unique self-healing coating to protect automotive paint surfaces from harmful effects of stone chips, scratches, bugs, bird droppsing and abrasion. Product […]

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PPF Training Class July 12-13, 2023

The next PPF Installation Training Class in Houston, TX (Stafford) is scheduled for July 12-13. Two spots are still open, so let us know if you want to attend the class. We are running a special, only $1,500 for the 2-day class and you get a roll of PPF to take home ($1,200 value!) and […]

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