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Due to high demand 50ft rolls(automotive) are currently unavailable.


FilmCut PPF Cutting Software – New Full Body Patterns

FilmCut’s PPF Cutting Software continues to add more and more full body patterns.

Grow your Paint Protection Film business with FilmCut’s cutting software.  Installers can get around $2,400 for a full hood install and $8,400 (approx.) for a full body installation of Paint Protection Film, depending on car models, complexity, market & size of vehicle. Adding more services to your tint shop business offers more revenue stream and enables shop owners to grow their business. One tint shop followed the following to slowly add PPF to their shop.

  • Bought Door Edge Guards, mirror Guards & Door Sill Guards and offered (3) PPF Guards Top Line billing was around $150.
  • Played around with a full roll of PPF and watched YouTube videos
  • Took a 2 day PPF Class to learn more detailed installation techniques
  • Started to buy PPF kits from supplier & a more bulk rolls
  • Purchased a plotter & FilmCut software and used plotter for both cutting tint & PPF
  • Started installing full hoods & bumpers
  • Now installing Full Vehicle PPF wraps for over $8,000 (depending on the vehicle)

Check out the Plotters and FilmCut software to learn more about Paint Protection Film business.




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