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PPF Training Class In St. Louis, MO – October 4 & 5 – Paint Protection Film

There will be a a Paint Protection Film (PPF) Installation Training Class October 4 & 5 in Saint Louis, Missouri.


Paint Protection Film helps protect cars & trucks from paint damage caused from rock chips, scratches, bird droppings, insects (love bugs in FL), and harmful UV. This two day PPF installation class will teaches the basic foundation to start your new business of installing PPF.  This two day course is “hands on training” where each student first watches how the instructor installs PPF, then the student installs the PPF with the trainer offering advice.  The class will teach the students the following:

  • How to prep the vehicle (clean it)
  • How to prepare installation solutions (what to use & what not to use)
  • How to cut PPF car patterns with computer software, FilmCut using a Plotter
    • FilmCut software is only $99 per month with no long-term commitment.
    • Chose PPF patterns, TintPatterns or both Tint & PPF Patterns
  • Door Defense PPF installation
  • Hood & Fender install with a precut kit
  • Mirror install via kit & bulk
  • Bulk vehicle hood installation
  • Bumper installation using a precut PPF kit
  • PPF Installation tools needed
  • Sales tips & how to price your work
  • And much, much more.

This class is limited to only six installers so that each student receives one-on-one training, so sign up for the Saint Louis installation class. This is an on sight, hands-on training. Excellent candidates include car tinters, detailers and vinyl wrap installers.

Also, there is a September 14 & 15 class in Houston, Texas with (2) spots still available.  And if you need a private class at your shop, we can come to you.  Call us for the special deal. One spot is still open!

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