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A Clear Bra Door Defense PPF Protects Car Owners’ Investments

Road Life is Tough;  Shield your car with our Clear Bra PPF which is tougher!

Car owners, Get The Clear Protection!

Customize your Car Wrap PPF (Paint Protection Film) coverage from a full car wrap that shields the entire vehicle to safeguarding the most vulnerable and chip-prone areas like painted bumper covers, and leading edges of fenders and hood. Your Paint Protection Film (PPF) dealer will help you determine the best package for your car, truck, SUV, camper, motorcycle, EV, & bike. Also, PPF Clear Bra is ideal for every vehicle on the road, from cars and vans to campers, trucks and motorcycles.

Clear Bra PPF Coverage Options

PPF Installing dealers typically offer a variety of individual and package coverage options for your vehicle. You can work with your installing dealer to build the paint protection coverage that is perfect for your needs.  Here is a list of the most common areas protected by Clear Bra PPF.

Coverage Options – Packages

  • Vehicle Wrap – Full
  • Front – Full
  • Front – Leading Edge
  • Individual Areas
    • Full Roof
    • Leading Edge Roof
    • Full Hood
    • Leading Edge Hood
    • Headlights
    • Full Fenders
    • Leading Edge Fenders
    • Front Bumpers
    • Windshield Pillars
    • Mirrors
    • Door Edge Guard
    • Door Cup Guard
    • Trunk Area
    • Rear Bumpers
    • Rocker Panels
    • Door Sill Guard

Clear Bra PPF Prepares You For Whatever The Road Throws At You

Sand, rocks, pebbles, winter road salt, bird droppings, love bugs, parking lot accidental scratches & nicks are all just waiting to make their mark on the paint of your car. The abuse does not stand a chance when you add a clear shield to that car factory finish with our Clear Bra PPF. PPF provides an invisible high gloss protective barrier to help keep your car & truck looking as flawless as its first day off the car dealers lot, year after year after year. Armor your car to keep it looking showroom new.

    • Clearly Protect Your Investment
    • After installation, it’s practically invisible
    • Goes on clear and stays that way
    • Conforms to your vehicle’s shape
    • Our clear brad will not bubble, turn yellow or crack
    • With self healing properties watch the minor scratches disappear
    • Resists stains with a hydrophobic topcoat
    • Installed by professional PPF dealers
    • Tough and strong 6 Mil TPU, which is thermoplastic poly-urethane raw material

Door Defense Clear Guard PPF Protection

If you’re not ready for the full protection, make sure to get the most important parts of your vehicles protected from nicks & dings with the PPF Door Defense Select Option.  Your Clear Bra Installation Dealers have the following packages available:

    • Door Edge PPF Clear Guard
    • Door Cup PPF Clear Guard
    • Door Sill PPF Clear Guard

Clear Guard PPF Care and Maintenance

See our recommendations for proper care of your PPF after installation

Have our local Clear Bra PPF installer protect your car;  call TintDepot to get their Door Defense Clear Guard starter kit to get protected now.


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