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Due to high demand 50ft rolls(automotive) are currently unavailable.

Happy Thanksgiving!


Best Ways to Upgrade Your Tinting Business

Best Ways to Upgrade Your Tinting Business The best window tinting professionals are always looking for new ways to improve the way they do business. One of the most amazing things about being an entrepreneur is that your work is never truly finished. You’re always striving for that next level of performance and searching for […]

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How to Add PPF Services to Your Window Shop

How to Add PPF Services to Your Window Tint Shop Adding PPF services to your window shop can be a great way to boost a tint shop’s revenue and keep the cash flowing during those slow winter months. Although the benefits are obvious, many tinters might be reluctant to offer a brand new service that […]

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Future Trends for Window Tinting in 2022

If you’re running a window tinting business, you already know that this industry can move at a very fast pace. There are some very innovative people in this world, and it seems like new techniques are constantly being discussed. Window tinting tools are also constantly evolving as window tinting professionals take advantage of the latest […]

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Who Wants $50 million? Xprize Carbon Removal Competition

Elon Musk of Tesla & SpaceX has created a $100 million competition for the best ideas on carbon removal, the Xprize. The $100 million Xprize competition is a four year competition for the best carbon negative solution to remove carbon from the atmosphere. Competition officially kicks off on Earth Day 2021, April 22, 2021 and […]

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Best Window Tint Rolls to Purchase for Your Business

When you’re running a window tinting business, the quality of your service depends heavily on the supplies you choose. Using a higher-quality window tint product can result in a better-finished product that your customers will love. It might cost a little extra, but it’s a worthwhile investment if your customers keep coming back for more.  […]

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Anti-Microbial Film’s Testing on PureZone

Updated testing results for PureZone Anti-Microbial Film is below PURE ZONE® antimicrobial film *PURE ZONE tested by third party to ISO testing standards against most common illness-causing bacteria and coronavirus.  Antimicrobial technology is applied to the product; it does not directly protect the user from any exposure to bacteria or viruses, or provide additional health benefits.  […]

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Anti Microbial Film is in stock – PureZone

Anti Microbial film, Pure Zone is now in stock. The film is from Hexis and can be applied wet (like paint protection film / window  film) or applied “dry”. The rolls are 54″ x 99′ (54 inches wide by 99′ long). Silver Ions do the work in this film. Check out the specs in our […]

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Stocked Up For Tinting Season?


Even if the weather doesn’t show it, tinting season is on its way! With the bright sun and people receiving their tax returns, everyone is getting their cars, homes, and businesses tinted! Make sure you’re prepared by stocking up on tools and film before it’s too late! Best of luck!

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Happy Valentines Day!


Whether you’re with loved ones, friends, or family today, Happy Valentines Day from all of us here at Tint Depot! Enjoy the day and cherish your loved ones and your vehicles with window tint to protect them and the environment!

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