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Cleaner Air Personal Checklist For Better Health – Your Todo List

There seems to be more and more people saying we have to do more to clean up the pollution from our communities and to lessen the effects of a warming climate. But they don’t give any action items. So this is your action list for cleaner air for your kids & your community:

  1. Insulate your home & office with window film. By adding window film you will save money year after year with lower energy bills. Solar window film will block solar heat before it enters your home and office. It’s a great investment that pays you dividends year after year. And it enhances the look of you home and can eliminate hot spots, harmful UV & fading.
  2. Insulate your home better

And here is a complete action checklist that you can do to promote cleaner air in your community:

  1. Create a compost bin
  2. Plant a vegetable garden
  3. Buy local, seasonal produce
  4. Eat less meat
  5. Plant local trees & wildflowers
  6. Don’t use harmful pesticides
  7. Walk & bike more for errands
  8. Demand local utility offer 100% green power (renewable)
  9. Add solar power water heater
  10. Add rooftop solar power & energy storage (batteries)
  11. Buy an electric bike
  12. Buy an EV
  13. Demand schools convert to electric school buses. Toxic diesel exhaust pollution is bad for kids breathing
  14. Demand that your local community improves the air quality
  15. Support companies that go 100% renewable / green
  16. Demand that local schools add solar rooftop power (saves money)
  17. Leave everything better than you found it
  18. Demand that your city & town adds local trees for shade & to purify air. Same for schools & parks
  19. Write how you contributed to local cleaner air & post it on social media. Ask what others can do & will do to help clean up their air?
  20. Work with school kids on plans to clean up the air & to leave them with better future
  21. Demand government buildings add solar rooftop power & create a plan for 100% renewable. Military bases should do the same
  22. Demand for gov’t incentives for: EV, solar rooftop, & insulation

For those that are lucky enough to be in the 1%, you need to do more because you can.

  1. Invest in green companies (you can make more money)
  2. Insulate all of your homes, offices & business (save more money)
  3. Buy an EV – they are super cool & fast
  4. Add solar panels & batteries (save more money). Go 100% solar
  5. Add solar water heater
  6. Compost – it helps create fantastic soil for your gardens (save on fertilizer)
  7. Buy local, seasonal foods
  8. Plant a large vegetable garden
  9. Plant more native trees & wildflowers on all your properties
  10. Have all lawn devices be electric (electric mowers, leaf blowers, trimmers, etc) – have your lawn peeps do the same
  11. Install geothermal heat pumps (again, save more money)
  12. Add solar & energy storage to all your offices & business
  13. Convert all your cool older cars to EV
  14. Buy a small commuter electric plan – help grow that business
  15. Demand all school districts convert to electric school buses. Kids should not breathe toxic diesel fumes. Donate a few to poorer school districts (tax write off)
  16. Tell your places of worship to go 100% solar & energy storage -donate some. Churches, Temples & places of worship should lead by example
  17. Your vacation homes & farms should be 100% solar. Go off the electric grid
  18. Tell your local utilities to offer 100% renewables
  19. Support pollution fee air in your community
  20. Support /demand carbon fee
  21. Tell politicians to get to 100% renewable energy by 2030. It can be done, we have to invest
  22. Donate trees to your local parks & cities
  23. Plant forests on your farms, help grow local forests. Create green forest paths to connect to each other
  24. Demand that local schools add solar panels & solar parking
  25. Demand that government offers incentives & tax breaks for: rooftop solar & EV’s
  26. Find & invest in solutions: Carbon capture tools
  27. Leave everything better than you found it

What can you do to improve your air quality & help the planet?

Start small, lead by example, then demand improvements by local politicians, churches & communities. Vote with your pocketbook & at elections. Get involved with local community to bring a clean air change. Everyone needs to do what they can within the means that they have.

As a nation, we need to utilize the tech that we have today & deploy the solutions:

  • Deploy Solar Power
  • Deploy Wind Power
  • Deploy Energy Storage (batteries)
  • Deploy Hydro Power
  • Deploy Geo Thermal Power (TX Frackers, you have the tech to make money off this)
  • Deploy Rooftop Solar
  • Deploy EV fleets, Electric School Buses and Electric Trucks
  • Plant Trees, Plant Forests, Expand Forests

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