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Future Trends for Window Tinting in 2022

If you’re running a window tinting business, you already know that this industry can move at a very fast pace. There are some very innovative people in this world, and it seems like new techniques are constantly being discussed. Window tinting tools are also constantly evolving as window tinting professionals take advantage of the latest technological developments. And let’s not forget the window film itself! Film manufacturers are always coming up with exciting new films with exceptional performance and aesthetic qualities.

As we move into 2022, it makes sense to stay one step ahead of the curve. This year brings all kinds of incredible trends in the industry, and you can grow your business more effectively by providing your customers with the most up-to-date solutions. And besides, staying on top of the latest trends just makes things more interesting! When you switch it up every year and try new things, your work becomes less monotonous, and you can stay passionate about this fast-moving industry.

Staying Busy During Those Slow Months

Window tinting professionals often struggle to bring in business during the slow months. The slow season for window tinters is generally winter, when rain, snow, inclement weather, and darker days make tinting less attractive. Some tinters choose to shut down their shops entirely and simply go on vacation, while others try to find some other source of income. That in itself is nothing new, but tinters in 2022 are exploring new ways to deal with this problem.

PPF is becoming an increasingly popular additional service for tint shops. Paint Protection Film is less linked with the weather, and there’s a growing market for this service. Many people want to protect their vehicles as much as possible – whether it’s a priceless sports car or a family minivan. In addition, PPF installation isn’t all that different compared to tinting windows, so there’s not much of a learning curve.

Many tinters are also creating profitable side businesses with vinyl-related products. Since many shops these days already have a plotter, making the transition to this side hustle is relatively easy. A wide range of vinyl products can be easily produced with plotters, from custom t-shirts to signage and car decals. You can even start a profitable business making custom mugs with vinyl designs.


Speaking of plotters, these clever machines are becoming more and more common in window tinting shops today. While there are still a few holdouts who prefer to stick with hand-cutting, the general consensus is that plotters make life a lot easier. As this technology becomes more popular, it also becomes more affordable. There are also many different types of plotters available, from entry-level, budget-friendly machines to advanced, feature-rich options. Even a small tinting shop can now afford to grab a basic plotter, and this can prove to be a very profitable choice. When properly maintained and used, plotters can maximize efficiency, speed up the overall process, and create more accurate finished results.

Bulletproof Film

As we move into 2022, you may be hearing rumors about so-called “bulletproof film.” This product is also sold under the name “ballistic film,” “bullet-resistant glazing,” and other similar monikers. The truth is that these products are largely ineffective, and they make dangerous promises to unaware customers. There is no way in hell that a thin layer of polymer is going to stop a bullet. It’s just that simple. Bullet resistant glass is constructed from scratch with a very complex and expensive process, and you can’t take normal glass and “upgrade it” to make it bulletproof.

That being said, security film is a real thing, and it can provide many benefits to customers. Indeed, the market for security film is steadily growing as people become more concerned about looters, school shooters, rioters, protestors, and the like. If you run a window tinting business that specializes in flat glass, you may be aware of this growing demand. If not, it may be something worth exploring in the future.

Smart Windows

Smart windows have arrived on the scene, but we’re still waiting for them to make a real impact. Companies like Apple have been experimenting with smart windows for a few years now, and the technology is real. The basic premise is simple: You press a button, and your windows shift from tinted to untinted before your eyes. The window includes circuitry between layers of glass, and cholesteric liquid crystals can change the shade of the window.

In the future, these adjustable smart windows may be controlled by the driver with a press of a button, or they may be connected to an AI system that senses the light conditions and automatically adjusts the level of tint as a result.

Photochromic Glass

Photochromic window film is also capable of actively changing the tint level on windows, but this is a less advanced technology that has been around for quite some time. This is the same system that is used to create transition lenses in the eyewear industry. When exposed to UV rays and sunlight, the window film automatically darkens, giving drivers a more comfortable experience. Although this is nothing new, these films are becoming more popular in 2022 as customers search for window tint options that are unique and interesting.

Final Thoughts

As you can see, there are many exciting developments taking place in the window film industry. Take advantage of these trends, and you can keep your work fun and interesting while you continue to offer unique and functional services to your customers. Staying one step ahead of the curve is always a profitable choice – especially in a competitive industry like this one.

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