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Privacy Window Film

There are many applications for window film. Energy savings, aesthetics, glare reduction, security, privacy, and heat insulation. One of the more common reasons people apply window film to their property is to add privacy. Windows without any tint allow for anyone to look into the property at any time. If they happen to be criminals looking for a quick buck and they see some of your valuables, they may be inclined to break in. This is where window film can help. Adding window film to your windows can help prevent anyone from looking inside, whether it be your car, home, boat, or business. Window film usually comes in various shades and reflectivity. The lower the shade, the darker the film. The darker the film, the harder it is to look through. The darkest shade most automotive tint shops will carry is 5%. 5% is very dark and it’s going to be extremely difficult for you to look through. A lighter shade of 20% or 35% will significantly increase the privacy of your car.

Here at Tint Depot, we have all of the privacy window films you need. We even have a 2% film from KDX that can be applied to automobiles, boats, or planes. We call it the “super limo” tint. If you’re looking to add privacy to your home or business, then you can take a look at the architectural films page. Need more privacy than what 5% can offer? How about 0% Blackout film? That’s right! This film will block out all light and its impossible to look through (but be sure to install a reflective film first so that your reject solar heat and reduce thermal stress to your glass.) If you prefer a white film instead of black then we also carry a white opaque film that has an 8% VLT (also known as White Out.)

Another white translucent privacy film to consider is the White Matte 74% VLT (also known as Clear Frost & White Frost.) This film has a 74% shade and allows for a lot of light to go through but it’s not transparent. Also, don’t forget about the smart film! This is the coolest film of them all. The Electrochromic window film goes from an opaque translucent film to a clear transparent film with a click of a button. This film has liquid crystals in between two sheets of polyester that allows an electric current to flow through, thus changing the direction of the molecules rendering the film transparent. When you turn the power off the film goes back to an opaque translucent film. There’s a bit of soldering that’s required and if you’re installing it in a home or commercial building then you may also need to run some wires within the walls. All of the instructions are on the smart film page.

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