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Smart Film – Electrochromic Film – Switchable Glass

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Installation instructions


PDLC: Polymer Dispersed Liquid Crystal

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PDLC: Polymer Dispersed Liquid Crystal

Step 1: Cutting the Film

Cutting the PDLC FILM to the sheet according to the glass size.

1. The cutting edges need to be neat, any cutting burr will lead to the film breakdown

2. The film size should be a little shorter than the glass size
Electrode edge: 2~3cm shorter than the glass size
Non-electrode edge: 1cm shorter than the glass size

Step 2: Making the electrode

1. Tools & Materials

Clean Cloth

Laboratory Alcohol (95%)

Conductive Copper Net

Conductive Adhesive Tape

Conductive Silver Paste


Cleanroom Gloves

Electric Iron and Soldering Tin

2. Making the electrode for the first side

1. Wear clean room gloves

2. Using the knife to cut off a strip of one side ITO film

3. Using the clean cloth and alcohol to remove the residual PDLC resin carefully, otherwise the underlying ITO layer would be destroyed

4. Using a stick to dip some silver paste coating on the ITO surface. Then using the electric blower making the silver paste curing.

5. Attach the conductive copper tape to the already cured conductive silver paste

6. The copper net is welded to the copper tape with the electric iron

3. Making the electrode for the second side

Step 3: PDLC Film pasting to the glass

Step 4: Connecting the electrical power.

Step 5: Decorating


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