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Film Cut | Tint & PPF Cutting Software

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If you’re looking for a user-friendly piece of cutting software for your plotter, look no further than PlotterDepot’s Film Cut. Perfect for plotter newbies, you can use this software to start cutting your first patterns in a matter of minutes. Experienced pros also appreciate its intuitive interface, and it’s a total breeze to train new employees with Film Cut. Visit PlotterDepot today to learn more. 

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Film Cut is a user-friendly piece of software that you can trust for most plotting tasks. If you need to get your plotter up and running as quickly as possible without worrying about anything too complicated, Film Cut is a solid choice. Although this software was designed to be intuitive and straightforward, it also comes with all the features and abilities you’ll need for your window tinting jobs.

With Film Cut, you can cut tint your first templates in just five minutes. The simple setup process allows you to get started as quickly as possible, so you can satisfy your customers without any complicated hurdles getting in the way. Countless patterns for automotive and residential windows are always just a few clicks away.

This software is compatible with a wide range of devices, including Mac and Windows operating systems. The only real requirement is at least 4 GB of memory and a stable internet connection. This software is also compatible with a wide range of plotter machines, including the Workhorse.

Film Cut allows you to confidently cut your patterns in a fast, convenient manner without sacrificing accuracy and precision, allowing you to get high-quality jobs finished quickly, easily, and conveniently. Try Film Cut now and see the results for yourself.

Available on the following plotters:



CX-Series (Windows Only)


FC-9000 Series

FC-8600 Series

FC-8000 Series


Jaguar V Series

US Cutter

Titan 3 Series

Titan 2 Series




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