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Energy Conservation Checklist For Homeowners & Offices – Solar Tint


Sustainable Gulf Solar City At Masdar City In Abu Dhabi, UAE

Masdar City created in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates as an experiment in creating a sustainable city. Masdar City utilizes best construction techniques, positioning of buildings in best directions and placing adjacent buildings next to them to offer much needed sun in the harsh brutal climate in the Middle East desert of the UAE. Masdar […]

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September 2023 Shatters Heat Records Around The World!

Last September is being reported as the hottest on record on the planet (for September).  If you are still having warm temperatures like Texas folk or want to plan for the next boiling hot summer, invest in heat rejecting window film for your home, office and vehicle. Ceramic window films and metalized films stop the […]

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Heat Pumps Are 2x-3x More Efficient

When you need to replace your HVAC and heating system, replace it with a more efficient unit that includes a heat pump. When you add home tint, it will run even more efficient in summer and save you money on your electricity bill with lower a/c costs. Invest in your home so that you feel […]

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Reflective Series Commercial Window Films – Silver Tint

High efficiency for the most demanding environments with the Silver series of tint for commercial buildings. For the most effective solar heat rejection, in both residential and commercial applications, TintDepot’s reflective window films sets the industry standard. These film are designed for challenging environments where a high level of solar control is needed – without […]

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Dual Reflective Ceramic Series For Home & Commercial Glass

The Designers’ Choice for Beauty and Performance Dual Reflective Ceramic Series window films use today’s most advanced metallizing technology with ceramic to create high quality products with outstanding performance characteristics and unsurpassed beauty. These innovative films provide a subtle, tasteful appearance that’s ideal for both residential and commercial applications. Choose from a full range of […]

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Heat Wave in SouthWest US

The US SouthWest had a heat wave this summer where Arizona experienced 31 days in a row where temperatures exceeded 110’F. That is hot! Urban heat island effect made things worse in Phoenix where unchecked development adds more concrete to city areas. A few ways to reduce the urban heat island effect in an ever […]

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Louisiana Energy Consvervation & Renewable Energy Week

Next week, Louisiana is kicking off Clean Energy Transition Week to bring awareness for the need to get cleaner air for its citizens and good clean energy jobs for its citizens, as per an article by Wesley Muller from the Louisiana Illuminator.  This will mark the 7th annual clean energy week for the state. Renewable […]

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Long Summer Heat Wave Brings Multiple Fire Alerts

The super long Southern heat wave and heat dome along with a Texas drought has now turned into Fire Alerts.  This seems a bit new for northeast, TX. There are currently 8 fires outside of Houston. The area is super dry, so take precautions and do your favorite rain dance. Peeps, if the heat wave […]

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Happy Labor Day!

TintDepot customers, Have a very Happy Labor Day and enjoy the day. The TintDepot offices will be closed today, but you can still place your orders online; we’ll ship them out on Tuesday. Sincerely, Team TintDepot Remember to conserve energy with home tint!

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Labor Day Weekend – Stay Cool

Laborers, TintDepot wishes everyone a very happy Labor Day Weekend.  Enjoy the long weekend and try to stay cool.  Remember your house can stay cooler this weekend with the right Solar Control Residential window film such as Dual Reflective Ceramic films. The DR 5% can reject up to 82% of the TSER – Total Solar […]

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