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Reflective Series Commercial Window Films – Silver Tint

High efficiency for the most demanding environments with the Silver series of tint for commercial buildings.

For the most effective solar heat rejection, in both residential and commercial applications, TintDepot’s reflective window films sets the industry standard. These film are designed for challenging environments where a high level of solar control is needed – without compromising the appearance of the building.

One of the most powerful and popular solar heat rejecting films on the market is the Silver Reflective 5%. Ideal when maximum solar energy rejection is required. Higher Visible Light Transmittance, known as “VLT” Silver is an excellent choice for residential or store front applications, providing unsurpassed solar performance with a high level of light transmission. VLT’s is this series include: 5% (mirror like film, very reflective), 15% (mirror like film, very reflective), 30% (lighter film), 50% (Light Film) and 70%.

Other benefits of commercial film include: reducing hot spots in offices, blocking 99% of harmful UV, reduce fading inside buildings, increased privacy from prying eyes, improved appearance of building and improving the efficiency of a buildings HVAC system which translates into cheaper electricity bills in summertime.

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